Friday, May 9, 2014

Full day back to work

Today was my first 8 hour day back to work since my knee surgery. It was a long day because I had a lot of complicated and time consuming client problems to deal with, plus next week is casual dress week for those who donate money to a charity that my employer is working with. My manager is away, so it was my job to go around and get the donation money, create check lists, etc. All in all, I made it through, but I'm glad to be home to relax. In any other situation, I'd have been back to work at full capacity by now, but for some reason, my hemoglobin has been very stubborn! It's lingering in the 92-93 level (9.2-9.3 for my downstairs neighbour American friends). It's been like this for months, in spite of suffering through months of iron pills (iron pills are the devil when it comes to your stomach). Looks like it's more spinach and steak for me..!

This weekend will be a busy one; I'm doing birthday related activities with friends (my birthday/mother's day is on Sunday). I'll be meeting one set of friends tomorrow for lunch, and another set for dinner. With Sunday being mother's day, that day will likely be more geared towards mother stuff :)

Well, the very act of leaning on one arm to type this entry is making me lazy/tired, so I think I'll end it here. Let the birthday weekend festivities begin! (Can't wait to get my free starbucks-mmmm!)

3 thought(s):

ticklemebear happy said...

iron pills are definitely the worst!! i'm glad your up and "running" again, going back to work :)

The Patient Doc said...

Any excuse to eat steak is good for me!

Miz Flow said...

Yes, Ticklemebear Happy- they ARE the worst! I've given up n them altogether!

And yes, Doc-I shall gladly devour a good steak at every moment possible!


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