Wednesday, April 16, 2014

OMG-has it been a month already?!

I promise, I'm still here!

I'm battling a cold/sore throat. I've been battling it since I went back to work a few weeks back (coincidence?).

It's also tax tax time makes for a busy Miz Flow.

I'm also still quite tired...hemoglobin is just lingering in the 92 area (or 9.2 for my american friends).

Right now, I'm in bed drinking hot water with manuka honey and a bit of lemon. Yes, lemon. Is it the best for my reflux? Definitely not. But my throat actually gets so dry that it HURTS at night, so I thought I'd try drinking some of this brew before bed. Hopefully it doesn't turn into horrible reflux and wake me up in a know what I mean. You know when something acidic shoots up your throat while you're asleep and you wake up in a flash and jump straight out of a horizontal position into a vertical position like that girl on the exorcist?

Yeah, that.

Back to my manuka and lemon.


1 thought(s):

Cass said...

Good to have you back! Hope you get over the cold soon :) Gentle hugs xx

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