Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's my healing & I'll nap if I want to!-PART 2!

Ok, I stand by my statement. Healing after surgery like knee replacement can certainly cause extreme fatigue. However, based on my history and for "just in case" purposes, I got blood work done a few days ago.

Lo and behold-my hemoglobin was 86 (8.6 for my American friends). Looks like my body didn't quite bounce back after the blood loss suffered during my knee replacement. So what's next? Well my transplant coordinator wants to  know if my iron stores are high or low, and that will dictate the course of action. It's either gonna be IV iron, or aranesp (EPO).

I'll keep you posted.  *sigh*...I'm soooo full of fun/surprises.  Never a dull moment..

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