Thursday, August 29, 2013

I'm back...and inked!

I know I didn't post any entries upon my return from England, so here I go!

My return trip was a bit stressful. I got to the airport much later than I would have liked to, my replaced hip set off the metal detectors at security, I went to the washroom, left, then realized about 10 minutes later that I had forgotten my purse in the stall (!!), and I had to runnnnn like mad to get to my gate before it closed. I made it with only 2 minutes to spare.

Luckily for me, I was in club class with air transat so I didn't have to worry about climbing over a bunch of people in order to get to my seat. Even better, the seat beside me was empty, so I was able to relax even more. It was glorious. When I saw down with swear pouring down my face, a very kind flight attendant came and offered me some orange juice which I gladly accepted. :)

There were some other issues as it related to that flight, but I'll discuss that in another post.

Anyhow, in other news, my brother and I got matching tattoos! The tattoos were to commemorate the kidney transplant my brother and I went through.

The right picture is my brother's left shoulder and the right picture is the right side of my torso/side area. I really like it! It has been almost a week and it's at the itchy stage! :( But I'm not scratching-I promise! :)
What do you think?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm in England! LOL

I'll admit that I've been tired and lazy and therefore I didn't do anywhere near the amount of updating that I should have. But, I've been here in England since last week Wednesday. I'm going back home on Thursday morning, so tomorrow will be a day of packing and relaxing.

I got to do and see so many great things. I went to Buckingham Palace, The British Museum, Tower of London, many great places! Of course, I took photos and documented everything, so follow me and/or take a peak at my instagram page for all of my best/favourite pictures from my adventures!

As for feelings of unwellness, I held out pretty well. I did get sick two days after arriving here in London. I bet it’s due in part to having spanned 8 hours in time zone as well as whatever I may have ate. I just stayed home that day and was pretty much good to go (in moderation) the following day.

I must say that I’m pretty proud of my joints over these past few weeks. I haven’t had any major aches or pains, but I have had some. This is definitely not bad, considering the vast amount of walking and trekking and commuting I’ve done, especially here in London. My knee and hip feel pretty good.

All in all, it has been a great two weeks and I am very glad that I was able to go on this vacation. I look forward to the vacations to come. I enjoy travelling on my own, but I hope that in the near future I’ll have a travel buddy. That always makes things interesting. Aside from travelling myself, I’ve never done any major travelling without my parents…so let’s see what the future holds where that is concerned! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

California-Vacation Day 2

Yesterday was another great day. We drove down to San Francisco and checked out some touristy areas. We didn’t get to go to the golden gate bridge, but we saw it from afar. We also got to check out Alcatraz from afar. To be honest..I didn’t even want to get on the boat and venture there! Though I’m sure it would have been an experience. Next time…maybe.

We checked out some local restaurants and other spots too. I personally enjoyed our dinner spot, which was a Mongolian grill restaurant. I’ve never had Mongolian grill before, but it was pretty cool. You pick your own meats, veggies, and noodles. You put your raw, frozen, very thinly sliced meat in one bowl and your veggies and noodles in another. You also have your choice of various sauces that you can put in either or both bowls. After that, you give the bowls to two guys who are manning a huge flat grill. They cook everything for your and then put on a plate for you. Delicious. Dessert was self serve vanilla ice cream and an ice cream cone. Hey- why mess with what definitely works? A quick chat with this Mongolian grill spot had been in business for 40 years. Awesome. Wish I remembered the name of the restaurant..

For lunch, we went to Mel’s drive in diner. We didn’t drive in we sat inside lol. I got a half rotisserie chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy as well as a side of veggies. All delicious. I ever going to need to hit the gym when I get back!
Mission for today-hit up the local outlet malls and get me a Michael Kors bag and watch. Wish me luck

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 1 Vacation!

Yesterday was my first day in San Jose. I love it here! The weather is good-long sleeve weather but you can still get away with shorts. Sarah and Shawn’s place is gorgeous. It’s an apartment but it looks more like a condo to me. There’s a pool, gym, workout room, ect. Yesterday after I arrived, we took some time to walk around the complex and check things out. It’s really lovely! I kind of regret not booking more time here!

After picking Shawn up from work, we went out to Mexicani Grill for dinner. I got tacos and a margarita. All delicious! Then we went to an area which is reminiscent of Yorkville or Rodeo drive. Very fancy and nice. There, we stopped and had dessert. I got a giant piece of chocolate cake which I didn’t even come close to finishing. It was delicious though!

Today we are going to head to San Francisco and do some “tourist-y” stuff. I look forward to tomorrow when we’re gonna do some serious shopping.
I have been uploading pictures to instagram, so you can check that out also. Bye for now!
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