Monday, April 15, 2013

All Clear

I got the results of both my colonoscopy and my CT scan today-I have nothing to worry about.  The very nice doctor who did my colonoscopy noted that he believed that my pain was probably related to some sort of post colitis inflammation.

I've been reintroducing things into my diet little by little.  I love smoothies and have been drinking/making them for about a year. It's been difficult not being able to drink them as often as I do due to my stomach pain.  This morning I made a green smoothie-complete with raw kale and spinach. It went well and I didn't experience too much stomach pain, so I'm pretty happy about that :)

I'll be going back to work and I look forward to that as well. I can only lie around for so long..!

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Brenda said...

Hi I found your blog through another lupus blogger. I am loving it so far, and was wondering if you would mind sharing your kale and spinach smoothie. I just got some kale and have some frozen spinach and would love to have a recipe. I will leave my email in case you would like to share, if not I totally understand!!
bsl60 at embarqmail dot com

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