Saturday, March 23, 2013

The never ending tummy troubles saga

I went to see the specialist on Wednesday.  Now they're not so sure that I'm still suffering from C. they think it might be gastritis. So, in addition to the CT scan I have scheduled, I have a colonoscopy scheduled as well. Man oh man do I have a fun filled couple of weeks ahead of me!

In the meantime, my pantoprazole has been d/c and replaced with lansoprazole. I mentioned that I'm a fan of the lansoprazole simply because it just looks so...fashionable!

But alas, I've been taking these since Thursday morning and I haven't noticed any miraculous change in my stomach pain. It's just so..unpredictable. At least if I could pinpoint a certain food or something that was causing the pain, I could avoid such foods until this issue is resolved, and at least be able to go back to work..! Ugh.

To be continued....

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