Wednesday, February 13, 2013


A couple of weeks ago, my parents, brother and I attended a fund raiser for a gentleman named Anthony-not much younger than myself.  He is waiting for a suitable kidney donor.

At this fundraiser, a kidney transplant recipient, a kidney transplant donor, and a liver donor all spoke. I didn't speak, but my brother did. Man, I was unprepared.

He spoke so eloquently as he recounted my struggles from the age of 14 until now.  From hip replacements, to seizures, to a perforated colon.  I think what made his speech even that he didn't even touch on half of the things I went through. He wasn't even 3 sentences is when I thought..oh sh*t..I'm gonna cry...

He shared the fact that he donated a kidney to me on a Thursday, was home by Sunday, back to work two weeks after that, and back to the gym two weeks after that. He encouraged people to consider donating, as such a small sacrifice could mean the world to someone else.

I am so thankful for my brother and what he did for me. It's hard to believe that we are mere weeks away from the one year anniversary of my transplant! Time sure flies when you're living life the way you want to...

Me acting silly because I was hungry and had to distract myself somehow.

Now this is me acting silly and taking pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror in the banquet hall

My brother, Pre-speech

My brother during his speech. Luckily I took this pic as soon as he got up there because I was a complete mess mere seconds after this photo was taken.


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