Monday, December 31, 2012

tummy troubles

First off, let me ask for forgiveness on this post.  It is likely to be riddled with spelling, punctuatiom, and other similar mistakes, I'm blogging from my tablet and my tablet stramly doesn't have a blogger app (or i cannot find it) even though it is an android os tablet.  Well, hopefully it makes sense.

In the middle of the night on Friday morning, I woke up with terrible stomach pain. It was so bad that I couldm't even lie still.  So, after trying to manage to fall asleep with the aid of a hot water bottle, i decided that I had better go to the hospital.

I got to the hospital and i was in bad shape. My stomach hurt so badly and i was running back and forth to the washroom.

Long story short, i had c difficile!! My CT scan and the rest of my bloodwork came up clear. So now i'm taking flagyl for 14 days and that should hopefully clear things up.

Some nonsense definitely occurred along the way, but imwill definitely report back at a later time after I spend some time chillin!!

P.S. I'm not missing my trip!!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

I know that I'm one day late, but Merry Christmas, everyone!

Yesterday was a good day.  I slept in, and it was great being able to just be lazy in bed and do nothing :)  Afterwards, I ate breakfast- nothing beats pancakes on Christmas morning. After breakfast, I got cleaned up and changed, and put together the gifts for my family. Soon enough, it was dinner time.  My brother arrived and we all sat down and enjoyed a delicious meal and great conversation and laughs.

Afterwards, we opened our presents! My mom and dad gave me some money. This will certainly be helpful for my up and coming trip. My sister bought me some travel essentials, including a passport holder, airport approved toiletry containers, and, of course, some Euros/spending money.  '

My brother, knowing that I just joined the gym last month, got me some amazing trainers to wear while I work out (my brother buys me some sort of sneaker/running shoe for every holiday anyways! It's great as he has such good taste).  They were too small, so my brother has to take them back and exchange them haha! They are so nice that I didn't even want to give them to him to take back.  They have memory foam typed material on the inside, which will make for a great and comfortable workout. I did buy some shoes for the gym earlier this month as well...well, I guess I'll have two pairs of gym shoes! My brother also got me some gym socks.

I worked today to get some holiday pay. I'm also working on Friday. Then, I will likely work 8-2 on Saturday, then 6-9.  I know, a lot of hours in one day! But I figure I'll request to get paid for the 8-2, then I'll bank the 6-9. The entire day/shifts will be considered time and a half.  I probably wouldn't have done anything anyways except for maybe sit around the house..maybe go to the gym...but I can possibly do that between 2-6. I'm also considering going to the mall in between to get some skinny jeans/pants.  LOL.

Well, that's all! Chat soon.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

It has been a long time-I know!

It has been a while since I've blogged. To be honest..I just didn't feel like it.

I didn't feel happy.  Downright sad, in fact.  Have I done a complete 180 and now feel completely awesome?  No. But, I do feel better. I received so many messages of encouragement and support, and I really appreciated them. I happened to get one particular comment and I just happened to read it at the exact time that I really needed a pick-me-up.

So what can I say? I'm a work in progress. I'm still down about everything I blogged about, especially the whole job prospects thing...but I'll keep trying.  I'll keep trying.

Since my last post, I suffered from a bad case of food poisoning.  My dad picked me up from work and we were on our way home as we passed by the local KFC.  I hadn't had KFC in a long time, and was suddenly craving it when we drove I asked me dad to stop. Bad decision. I was literally sick for an entire week.  This was on a Monday, and thank goodness I had a vacation day scheduled on the Wednesday so I could just stay home and not worry about calling in sick.  I went to work on the Friday, and also went in to do some overtime on the Saturday..but I was still under the weather.  This was 2 weeks ago. Because I was so sick, I was quite dehydrated.  When I did my bloodwork, I got a call the next day telling me that my creatinine had went from the usual 67-68 range all the way up to 110. This was all due to the fact that I was just so dehydrated.  I re-did my bloodwork on Thursday and didn't receive any panicked easy-call messages from my transplant coordinator, so I'm guessing that my creatinine has sorted itself out.

Also, I'm travelling to Europe next month! It will be my first trip post transplant, and also the first trip where I'm actually going by myself.  It's kind of a big deal for me :)  I'm going to visit my friend who now lives in The Netherlands. I'll be there for just over a week. I can't wait! So I've spent the last few Saturdays working a few hours of overtime.  I'll be heading to work in about half an hour..first to meet a friend for a late lunch/early dinner, then we'll both head back to work. I've been doing this overtime to build up some excess spending money for my trip! :)

So while I'm still not "all smiles" yet, I'm definitely working on it. Hoping for some good news soon on the job front.

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