Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shorter Summer Days :(

Firstly, I'd like to thank one of my blog readers, Adams. Adams wrote a lovely comment on my cbox with regards to my fistula and it's appearance. Thank you!

I worked Monday-Wednesday, so my "weekend" began today. In the morning, I went to get my nails re-done. After that, I met up with my friend Jennifer for lunch. I love summer so much for things like this. It's nice outside, you can go out, easily meet with friends, and just enjoy being outside with shorts and/or a t-shirt. But, we're now in the middle of August, and I've noticed that the days are already getting shorter.  We had some really lovely and HOT days this year which I loved. The weather now appears to be more seasonal.  A month ago, I would wake up sweating because it was so hot. When I've woken up the last couple of times, I'm neatly wrapped in my blanket as the weather has dipped these past few days.

One of the indications that summer is over here where I am is when the CNE opens, and the CNE opens tomorrow, and will be open for 2 weeks.  After it's over, it's "back to school" for students...which essentially means the END of summer lol.  Why does it feel like summers are so short while winters seem to go on forever?

Anyhow, I had a great day today just doing things I wanted to do; a manicure, lunch with a great friend, vegging in bed watching TV, and, of course, surfing the web.

Please don't go, summer! I love you! Don't leave me! I CAN CHANGE!!!!!


2 thought(s):

Crystal Autumn said...

I haven't been here in so long I had to catch up with you. Give a girl a kidney and she don't know how to tweet anymore, lol. I'm glad things seem to be going well though. I was just so happy to see that it's getting cooler. Although I'm not fan of the huge amounts of rain we had for a minute here in was worth it. I don't think the insects got the hint though. I saw a bee that was as big as a hawk! Come on winter and kill these things!

priest's wife said...

thinking of you- my summer is over too (I teach college part-time- I started last Thursday!) ...I wrote about lupus the other day- any advice from your experience would be great!

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