Friday, June 1, 2012

Transplant/Lupus medication role call

As I promised in the past, I took a picture of each of the medications that I take.

Pantaloc- I used to use this twice a day for my reflux, but I was told that this medication might affect my liver enzymes, so it was put on hold.

valcyte-antiviral medication-900mg twice a day

rocaltrol-vitamin D-0.25 mcg every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

 plaquenil- lupus medication/immunosuppressant- 200mg once a day

 Prednisone-immunosuppressant- good for both lupus and the kidney transplant. 5 mg daily

 Sulfatrim/sulfamethoxazole- antibiotic-once every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

 Vitamin D- twice a day

 myfortic- immunosuppressant- currently on hold

prograf/tacrolimus-immunosuppressant-4.5mg twice a day-

omeprazole-pantaloc replacement- 40 mg twice a day

I know, it looks like (and is) a lot.  But I'd rather down a couple of pills, which only takes a few seconds, than be stuck to a machine! :)

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