Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Can't Wait to Try Green Smoothies

I'm trying to remember what, exactly, I was looking at that prompted me to want to try green smoothies...oh yes, now I remember.

As someone with natural hair, I regularly read an online webpage/blog called "Black Girl, Long Hair".  When I was reading it about a week or so ago, there was a post that was called "5 Nutrients for Healthy Hair Growth in One Smoothie". Since I've stopped relaxing my hair and wearing extremely stressing hairstyles, my hair has gotten much better.  But I've always wanted to use or take something that would be good not only for my hair, but for all of me. First thought? Vitamins. I took vitamins while on dialysis, but after my transplant, those vitamins were stopped.

When I asked the doctor who was looking after me in the hospital about it, he said that I could take a multivitamin if I wanted to, but he'd much prefer to see me get my vitamins through foods. I kind of forgot about my doctor's advice for a bit until I read the above article.  What I like about this article is the fact that it not only gives you a recipe for a green smoothie, but it tells you why certain ingredients are used and the benefits that it offers.

It just so happens that my mom told me a week ago that her blender broke.  Well, now's my chance to buy a blender that would be good for smoothies!  I did not want to spend too much money, as some of the blenders I  researched online cost upwards of $700 and more! I wanted a blender that would blend fruits/vegetables relatively smoothly (for example, I don't want huge kale chunks in my smoothie), seemed to receive good reviews, and something that I could buy locally as opposed to buying online.  After doing all of the research that I wanted to do, I finally settled on the Ninja Professional Blender from Canadian Tire.

From what I've seen so far, it has gotten pretty good reviews.  I'm quite looking forward to making smoothies, and hopefully they're delicious! I look forward to hopefully achieving the many benefits that drinkers of green smoothies state in their testimonials, including better hair, skin, and overall energy and health. Right now, I'm waiting on an order I placed online from for almond milk as well as flax seeds. When they come, then I'll go out and purchase my fruits and veggies. Hurry up! (luckily they ship really quickly! :) )

Does anyone out there make green smoothies?  If so, any good recipes? I'm considering going out and buying a book but...I hate buying information that I can find online for free or word-of-mouth from others :)

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