Monday, February 27, 2012

Massage Mondays

I spent a good amount of time today just relaxing. I had trouble falling asleep last night.  I did fall in and out of sleep...probably sleeping for no more than 30-45 minutes. So being able to just lazy around in bed was great. The truth is, though, that I did plan on getting out of bed earlier. Without getting into too much detail...all I'm going to say is that someone disappointed me today...and because of that disappointment...I was able to stay in bed and hang out.  Sounds great to be able to hang out...but I don't like to disappoint others and I don't like it when others disappoint me.  

Anyhow, I did go and get a one our massage today.  I'm a big fan of most people are :). I saw the same massage therapist that I saw the last time that I got a massage.  She is good. I took the bus there and was lucky enough to get a ride home from my Dad.   I am hoping that I'll be able to sleep much better tonight after having had that relaxing massage.  I made sure that my massage therapist used light to moderate pressure as more intense pressure isn't the greatest idea for someone with osteoporosis apparently (I read that somewhere on the internet).

Anyhow, it is 11:40pm and I am beginning to feel sleepy, so I will go and refill my water thermos that I keep beside my bed, and then try and get some sleep. 



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