Monday, February 27, 2012

Massage Mondays

I spent a good amount of time today just relaxing. I had trouble falling asleep last night.  I did fall in and out of sleep...probably sleeping for no more than 30-45 minutes. So being able to just lazy around in bed was great. The truth is, though, that I did plan on getting out of bed earlier. Without getting into too much detail...all I'm going to say is that someone disappointed me today...and because of that disappointment...I was able to stay in bed and hang out.  Sounds great to be able to hang out...but I don't like to disappoint others and I don't like it when others disappoint me.  

Anyhow, I did go and get a one our massage today.  I'm a big fan of most people are :). I saw the same massage therapist that I saw the last time that I got a massage.  She is good. I took the bus there and was lucky enough to get a ride home from my Dad.   I am hoping that I'll be able to sleep much better tonight after having had that relaxing massage.  I made sure that my massage therapist used light to moderate pressure as more intense pressure isn't the greatest idea for someone with osteoporosis apparently (I read that somewhere on the internet).

Anyhow, it is 11:40pm and I am beginning to feel sleepy, so I will go and refill my water thermos that I keep beside my bed, and then try and get some sleep. 



Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just checkin' in!

It has been a couple of weeks since I've blogged, so I just wanted to do a quick check in.

I've been going to a lot of appointments lately. Some are just repeats of some tests that I have done in the past where the results are needed by the transplant team, while others just happened to be scheduled around this time.  In the past 3 weeks or so, I've done a number of different tests and stuff.  This includes blood tests, ultrasounds (of my stomach and a doppler-ultrasound of the veins and stuff in my legs). I've also seen my nephrologist and rheumatologist.  I'm doing well now, so all we basically need is to plan the actual transplant.  Hopefully I can remain healthy until that day should come, whenever that is.

I shall keep my blog updated and state when the transplant is scheduled.  :)

Cross your fingers for me.  Hopefully this time shall be the charm!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feeling better and Feeling Smarter

I'm happy to say that I'm feeling much better where that cold I had previously is concerned. I was kind of nervous as my first thought was..."Watch...they're going to call me in, like, two days from now and tell me to come in ASAP as a spot opened up and they want to do the transplant ASAP...and I'll have a cold and will be unable to be transplanted". Now that I'm better, I'll have to do my best to avoid getting ill again (as I would do in any other situation anyways!) :)  The neti pot really helped. It kept my nasal passages moisturized and it also washed away the extra stuff in my nose. I highly recommend it. It's just a matter of making sure it is kept clean and that you use distilled water and not tap water.

But that said, I'd say I'm abotu 90% better, and will be 100% in the next day or two.

Hurray for feeling better!

As for feeling smarter, I officially got the email; I have completed all of my requirements to qualify for graduation! Yippie! Oh Lordy has it been a long road! Going to school/college with lupus definitely has not been easy...but I was determined to finish...and HELLO! I did! :D I can't wait to go to convocation...hopefully I'll be able to go and get my shiny new diploma with a shiny new kidney!! :) Can I get an AMEN for that?? ;)

Hurray for feeling smarter!!

Great news-my keyboard is back!

My keyboard has been replaced and is working again! I bought my keyboard on ebay. It arrived quickly-4 business days.  I gave the keyboard to my Dad and he took it to a computer company that he deals with quite frequently: ReBOOT Canada. They hooked my computer up to the max.  Amazing! I'm still getting used to using the shift key to capitalize my characters, add exclamation marks, etc. I'm a happy camper!

Thanks ReBOOT!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

getting over a cold

firstly, let me say this.  last week i was on my laptop and i accidentally spilled water on it-about the equivalent to 2 tablespoons.  after laptop went nuts.  first, the 8 button kept if i clicked on the address bar, the number 8 would continuously appear.  it stopped soon..but then the number 8 was replaced with the 'down' button. so, no matter what i did, or what i clicked on, everything would scroll down.  after a while, that also settled down.

now, the problem that has settled in is the fact that both of my shift keys don't work.  i cannot capitalize any of my words, nor can i get any of the characters above the number keys, such as the exclamation mark, pound sign, percent sign, etc.  after doing some research online, i found out that purchasing a new keyboard for my computer and replacing it would be my best bet.  my warranty on my laptop has run out.  even if it did not, i would still have to pay for them to 'repair' it since it was essentially my own negligence that caused the damage.  so after doing my internet research and viewing youtube, i've found out that i can probably resolve the issue myself by buying a replacement laptop that is fit for my computer, removing the one currently there, and replacing it.  i expect my replacement keyboard by the end of the week.  wish me luck..

anyhow, i have been experiencing some fatigue, runny nose, sore throat, etc.  fatigue is slowly going away, as is my cough. dry mouth is also getting better.  i'm hoping that i am on the mend.  i believe that my neti pot is washing away the excess 'junk' in my sinuses which is a good thing.  i plan to use it again before i go to sleep, and again in the morning.

just wanted to update quickly.  typing without using my shift key is quite annoying to say the least...haha

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

On a Serious Note...

I was on twitter just a few moments ago and I noticed that one of the trending topics was RIP. I clicked on it to see who everyone was mourning.  At least three celebrities passed away either yesterday or today: Don Cornelius, founder of soul train died.  Leslie Carter, sister of Nick Carter and Aaron Carter, passed away yesterday.  Mike Kelley, often described as a punk pioneer, also passed away either yesterday or today (at the time of me typing this, the day specific day is unknown). So I clicked on the RIP and saw RIP @kingjadine. So I clicked on the twitter handle.

Her name was Ashley Duncan.  Her last few tweets and tumblr entries express just how depressed she was and the fact that she seemed to be crying out for help.  The problem is...she was only 17.  At that age, myself and my friends would sometimes say things that were meant as a joke.  I'm positive that Ashley's friends felt that this was all a joke as well.

Her last tweet is an instagram picture that Ashley took of a gun she had just obtained.  Shortly after taking that picture of the gun, she walked to a reservoir and shot herself, presumably with that gun.

I looked through her other pictures that she had on twitter.  I almost felt like I was invading...but I looked anyways.  What I saw were pictures of an absolutely beautiful girl with a beautiful smile.  She looked like she had great friends.  One picture was of her when she was a little girl with her father.  She stated that she used to be a Daddy's girl..but things change.  She also had quite a few pictures of marijuana.  It's just so sad...just because someone looks happy and all on the outside..we have to pay attention to the signs that they may not be all that happy on the inside.  I don't know if her last few twitter posts were a cry for help or just a declaration of the inevitable.  We'll never know.

I feel so deeply affected by this.  She was so young.  I don't know what it is that happened that affected her so deeply that she felt the need to end her life, but based on some of the things I read on her posts, it may have had to do with a relationship that she was in that had ended.  I don't know.  She said that she was tired of life and the day that she did not have to live it any more would be the happiest day of her life.  I feel terribly that she felt that way.  I pray for her, her family, and her friends.

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