Thursday, November 10, 2011

Free from Physio?

It's been a short while since I updated!  I've had a nagging stomach ache for about the last week that I just can't seem to shake!  I went to physiotherapy this morning.  My mother dropped me off and picked me up too.  After physiotherapy, we went to Walmart.  Much to my delight, peppermint tea was on sale.  I've been told before that Peppermint tea is good for an upset I'll give it a try.

Speaking of Physiotherapy, I saw my ortho surgeon last week.  He assessed me and said that I do not need physiotherapy anymore! Yay! But wait...didn't I just say that I went to physiotherapy today??

Let's be honest..I don't feel like you can ever have TOO much physiotherapy if it is still being beneficial and you are not hurting yourself.  I've gone to workout classes for this first time this week.  I've done two classes. They are difficult since I have literally zero muscle in my legs.  The class is half an hour with exercises that involve both sitting down and standing up.  I feel a bit of pressure to keep up...since the next youngest person after me is probably 55-60 years old!  But's almost like having a personal trainer. Having a personal trainer motivates you to push yourself to your limits..and this class does too.  I'll probably go another couple of times before I stop.

I think the time for another vlog is creeping up.  Hopefully I can get over this darned stomach ache soon so I can make one!

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