Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Uhm..we don't know yet

I decided to wait until today to post, hoping to have an answer about my bone marrow biopsy/aspiration. I called my hematologist's office yesterday and explained the situation to his secretary. She took my hospital number and said she would email the doctor and let him know. I was a bit worried about that as I would assume that such an email would be at the end of his "respond to" list since it would be his most recently received email.

I emailed my transplant coordinator today to see if she had heard anything. She informed me that the hematologist was investigating/trying to decipher the results of my bone marrow tests along with a hematopathologist (huh? sounds like something out of CSI Miami!) Well I guess the good news is that someonne is looking at it...but...how long is this supposed to take? What is so complicated about these results that a hematopathologist has to get involved??

More to come later..

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