Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back from Doc Fortin's...

I went to see my rheumy Dr. Fortin today. I was really sad to learn that he's moving to Montreal permanently and will therefore not be my rheumy anymore! He's a great doctor and I've had him since...the early 2000's?? Let's just say he's my "main man" and I'm going to miss him a lot. The thing is...he lives on Montreal already. He commutes back and forth from Toronto to Montreal all the time for clinic. His family is in Montreal. He has been invited to start a lupus clinic in Montreal which is direly needed there. *sigh*...he will definitely be missed. My last appointment with him will be in June...then after that...he's gone. Nuts.

My c3 compliment is a little low, but my c4 seems to be within range. That sometimes means lupus also could mean some sort of lingering infection. I know I dealt with the flu and stuff late last year. I'm hoping its that and not anything to do with a lupus flare. If my hemoglobin somehow goes up and my lupus flares right then and there...I promise you...I will FREAK RIGHT OUT.

Anyhow, in happier news, I pained my fingernails....

...and I got a new watch.

That is all. LOL

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