Monday, February 28, 2011

Weird White Spots

As I mentioned in another post, I had noticed some weird, confetti-like white spots on my face. I don't know where they came from or what they are from.

I kind of stopped noticing them. Once you live with something for a certain period of simply just stop noticing it. Also, the lighting in my bathroom isn't the greatest. Either way, I usually wear makeup when I go out unless I'm super lazy.

The other day I went out with my Mom. Since we were already going to be out, I asked my mom if she did not mind taking me to get my eyebrows threaded. Since I've been feeling a bit down and out with the transplant being postponed, I thought that perhaps getting my eyebrows threaded would make me feel a bit better. It's kind of like...putting on really nice clothes and a full face of make up just to go to the grocery store. So when we got to the threading place, the nice lady who was doing the threading mentioned the spots on my face. I didn't wear makeup since I knew I'd be getting my eyebrows done.

It reminded me of my appointment with the dermatologist back in September. She didn't know what the spots were, but said that she did not think it was vitiligo. She took me into a dark room and put a black light on my face. Since the spots didn't glow under the black light...she didn't think it was vitiligo. Also, she mentioned that the spots would be more blotchy and perhaps bigger as opposed to little confetti like dots.

After having the lady threading my eyebrows mention it, it became more apparent how many there are on my face when I looked in the mirror when I got home.

Note: the bigger white spot on my cheek is just the flash.  The tiny white spots is what i was trying to capture in the picture.

This is just a picture of my right cheek, but the spots are all over my head, my chin...everywhere. Has anyone ever heard of or seen anything like this? I haven't started taking any new medication...but I wonder if its that. My pharmacist looked at all of my medications and did not see anything that would warrant the appearance of such spots on my face...

Oh, I should also mention that these spots appear in one other place. In a spot where...well...a spot that is normally covered up by pants and underwear, and is not open for public viewing (Pun intended with the word 'public', if ya know what I mean)


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back from Doc Fortin's...

I went to see my rheumy Dr. Fortin today. I was really sad to learn that he's moving to Montreal permanently and will therefore not be my rheumy anymore! He's a great doctor and I've had him since...the early 2000's?? Let's just say he's my "main man" and I'm going to miss him a lot. The thing is...he lives on Montreal already. He commutes back and forth from Toronto to Montreal all the time for clinic. His family is in Montreal. He has been invited to start a lupus clinic in Montreal which is direly needed there. *sigh*...he will definitely be missed. My last appointment with him will be in June...then after that...he's gone. Nuts.

My c3 compliment is a little low, but my c4 seems to be within range. That sometimes means lupus also could mean some sort of lingering infection. I know I dealt with the flu and stuff late last year. I'm hoping its that and not anything to do with a lupus flare. If my hemoglobin somehow goes up and my lupus flares right then and there...I promise you...I will FREAK RIGHT OUT.

Anyhow, in happier news, I pained my fingernails....

...and I got a new watch.

That is all. LOL

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why does my butt still hurt??

It has been almost a week since my bone marrow biopsy and aspiration. As I remembered, it was terribly painful. Luckily for me, my friend came with me and held my hand during the procedure. Also luckily, I did not scream or cry like I did the last 3 times. But I tell ya, it is PAINFUL. Like the last time, I received some local numbing at the site, but that's about it. The doctor said the sometimes they give ativan, but by the time it kicked in, it would be time to leave anyhow. Um..anti-anxiety drugs? I'm not's f***ing painful..!!! LOL.

In the end, I made it through. As the numbing started to wear off, I did have pain in my lower back area where the biopsy took place. It took place on a Monday morning, and it is now Saturday evening...and it still hurts! It feels like a what a fall on the ice would feel like. I'm hoping it will subside in the next couple of days.

The doctor said the results of the procedure will be back in 1 week, so hopefully I'll have some answers in the coming week.

Until then...bye for now!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bone Marrow...Yikes!

Only two more sleeps until searing pain...ugh.

My bone marrow tap is going to be done on Monday morning. How wonderfully ironic that Feb 14, a day of "love", will be a day of searing pain for me. I'm still crossing my fingers and hoping that my doctor will take my previous request into serious consideration and figure out a way to do a bone marrow tap while putting me through the least amount of pain possible.

I did a repeat hemoglobin earlier this week. Thankfully, it went up from 81 to 89 (or 88, I can't remember. In U.S. terms, that is 8.1 to 8.9). I'm glad that it seems to be on an upward trend. I hope that means that the venofer that I used is working.

I'm happy and lucky that my good friend is in town visiting from Holland. She will be there to hold my hand while I'm getting the bone marrow tap done. Since it's getting done in the hospital, we can easily head to emergency and get my friend's hand casted since it will certainly be broken by the time I squeeze the crap out of it.

Wish me luck...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bone Marrow..comin' right up

Now that my transplant has been put on hold due to my low hemoglobin, it is definitely necessary to do something to find out why this is happening. I had emailed my nurse last week to find out what the results were of the blood test my doctor had me do the week before. It was some sort of B-cells test. My doctor emailed my hematologist and he has suggested that I do a repeat bone marrow tap.


If you've read about what I've typed about bone marrow taps before, you'll know that I've said repeatedly that bone marrow taps hurt like a....well...they hurt. Imagine an insanely huge needle being forcefully jammed into your hipbone (or into your lower back), then having the bone marrow drawn out....eglajhwlghe I don't even wanna talk about it. But alas, whatever I need to go through to find answers, I will most certainly do.

During an appointment with my hematologist, I've asked him if it was a possibility to have some further sedation done while getting bone marrow tapped. A numbing injection is used, but it seems so ineffective, I have to wonder how much MORE it would hurt had I not gotten the injection. He said that we'd "figure something out, but 'we don't usually do sedation'". I have to wonder about that, because I know that if I were at, say, Sick Kid's Hospital, not only would they sedate the crap outta me, but they'd probably put a Wii or a Playstation 3 covered in vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and pepperoni in front of to play while lying on a sandbag waiting for the bleeding to stop.

This bone marrow tap appointment is supposed to occur in the next week or two, so i'll be updating again with that. Wish me luck..
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