Sunday, November 21, 2010

Swollen knees suck

Avascular necrosis at its finest. You'll notice that the knee on the right is MUCH larger than the one on the left. And yes, its painful.


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Niki said...

Ugh! so sorry. is this something you will need surgery for or can they fix it with meds? Haven't had the pleasure of experiencing avascular necrosis. they suspected it in my hip but that's not what it turned out to be thankfully. still neeeded surgery. Hope it's a fairly easy "fix".

angeline said...

how do you recover from AVN? I'm currently suffering from AVN in my knee n hip... confused... and need help to make decision on operation..

Miz Flow said...

Hey Niki!
Unfortunately, the 'fix' for me will eventually have to knee and hip replacement! *gasp*! But my doctor has decided against surgery unless the pain becomes unbearable. He believes that I should hold out for as long as possible as technologies and surgery techniques may improve in the future.

Angeline, as far as I know, there really isn't any "recovery" from AVN, only pain control. The "necrosis" in avascular necrosis means "death", and usually when something's's dead! As per help where your decision as to whether or not to have the operation, refer to my above comment that my doctor suggested. Good luck! :D

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