Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not a happy camper.

My gastroenterology appointment was cancelled by the home hemo secretary and was rescheduled for November 4??! She thought that I would be out of town even though I told her via email 2 weeks ago that I WOULD be in town. But the nurses told her to cancel it as they thought I would not be in town even though I told them verbally. The secretary thought what they were telling them was the most up to date information.

Does it make sense that someone who is dropping their hemoglobin should have to wait and bleed internally for 2 months while they wait for a stupid appointment?? I don't want this low hemoglobin bs to hinder my kidney transplant prospects! I called the gastroenterology office back. After many busy signals, I managed to get through. Unfortunately my appointment time had already been given away!! She told me she had an appointment for tomorrow at 12:45pm, but I'm working tomorrow! Arghh!! The secretary at the gastroenterologist's office said that not everyone for Thursday had confirmed their appointment so she'd call me back...

...She just called me! (From her home!) There has been a cancellation for this thursday but at 2:15 instead of 1:45! Yay! Wow, blog complaining works! Expect more complaints from me more often!

Next complaint to come-why haven't I won the lottery yet???


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3 thought(s):

Jennifer said...

Hahaha yes, blog complaining does indeed work.

Dennis said...

You just made me laugh out loud reading your candid honesty. I love it! I have lupus too, had it for many years now, but it took years to diagnose. When I complained of arthritis, the doctors always said I was too young...finally, at age 25 I was diagnosed. I wish you well and I believe that a great attitude makes this disease want to hide away for good, so stay positive. :-) Kathy

Miz Flow said...

Thanks for your comments! :D

As you will note from my more recent posts, I do continue to blog complain. Now that I've stepped into the "now" and got a twitter account, I now also tweet complain. I've attached my twitter to the right side of my blog so that my tweet complaints can be accessed quickly and easily.

Complaints "on-the-go" are fantastic! Still need to complain more about my lack of lottery winnings though.

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