Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hair progress

So I'm still working on taking great care of my hair. As I may have discussed previously, kinky hair is quite fragile and needs to be babied. In addition to that...I have an autoimmune illness. I'm sure that doesn't help either. That said, my hair has gotten thicker and I'm quite happy about that. I'm going to attempt to post both pictures that I have taken with my blackberry. The first pic was taken on march 14 2010 and the second picture was taken today, August 1 2010.

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2 thought(s):

Sistergirl said...

Have you heard about using the vitamin biotin? Its said to be good for hair and nail.

I first heard about it from supermodel Beverly Johnson.

Miz Flow said...

Hey Sistergirl!

Thanks for your comment. i did actually start using biotin about 2 months ago or so! :)

Any other tips for me? :D

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