Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ah c'mon

I got a call yesterday morning from Stella, one of my dialysis nurses. She asked me if I could come by the hospital to do a cbc. What? When I was at my rheumatology appointment I SPECIFICALLY asked the fellow/doctor that saw me that I had gotten a blood transfusion the week before and I needed a repeat cbc done. Sure, sure, she said.

I told Stella to check again which she did. She saw my c3/c4 as well as my double strand DNA blood work "pending", but nothing for cbc. Bah! I couldn't go downtown to the hospital on Friday as my Dad was unable to take me, so I have to go and do it on Monday. Geez!

In other news, I called my pharmacy and they managed to get a hold of the fellow and my medication dosage problems were fixed. Thank Goodness.

I felt a bit better last week, but I feel like I'm getting tired all over again...almost as if my hemoglobin is perhaps dropping again. If I had gotten the CBC done on Thursday like I wanted, Stella could have had an idea as to how urgently my appointment with Dr. Cino, gastroenterologist, should be. I just want it done now. I'm supposed to go to Florida at the end of the month and I really want to go. I definitely need a break...and we're only going to be away for about 10-12 days.

Hopefully everything works itself out. It usually does..

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