Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A second to breathe

For some reason my template for my blog disappeared so I had to fix it as best as I can. It's not exactly the same, but it's the best I could do.

Ever since I had that ear infection coupled with a virus back in February, I've been getting pretty bad headaches. I can't help but think that the two are related. My headaches are most painful in between my eyes, right in the centre of my forehead.

I told my nephrologist during my last clinic appointment and he suggested that I take tylenol, but if it didn't get better, I might need to see the ENT doctor again as well as get a repeat ct scan. Ugh, more tests! What else is new?

I finished doing my brother, my mom, my dad, and my taxes. To me, doing taxes for people other than myself is stressful. I always feel like I might screw something up and the government is going to come and fine any one of my family members a trillion dollars. Paranoid much? LoL.

Anyhow, the winter semester is over, and in spite of missing more than a month of school, I seem to have made it through relatively unscaved. I finished my hr planning, occupational health and safety, and compensation courses. My labour relations prof gave me more time to finish her class, so I wrote my mid term for her class yesterday.

I am also slowly but surely transitioning back to work. The worst part about that is the terrible headaches. But I'll be getting a super sweet and comfy chair for my desk soon, so I look forward to that. I'm sure it'll make my day a lot easier.

This summer, I'll be taking Statistics for 2 months in night school. I hope I have people who love/are good at stats who read my blog, as I'm sure I'll be crying to my blog about it shortly :S

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Jennifer said...

Woohoo, I just finished my semester as well and I couldn't be happier. I haven't been nearly as sick as you, but I've been so completely exhausted. It's going to be so nice to have a break and to not have to be thinking about school and deadlines. Sorry about your headaches :( and I hope that they get better soon. For me tylenol only makes them go away for a few hours and then they're back.

lupine.butterfly said...

The pain you describe sounds sinus related and could mean that the infection isn't completely resolved. Ask your ENT about nasal irrigation to see if he/she thinks it can benefit you. It's an easy way to help gently clean out the sinuses. I have friends who swear by them.

You are an inspiration. God Bless.

Miz Flow said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for your comment! As for me, while the winter semester is complete for me, being the perma-student that I am, I still signed up for 2 summer courses! What is WRONG with me?? LOL

And Ms. Lupine.Butterfly, thanks for your amazing comment! I'm going to the hospital to drop off some bloodwork tomorrow. I'm going to discuss this with my doctor and make sure he refers me to the ENT. Do you know what is involved with nasal irrigation? Am I going to cry during the process? LoL


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