Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Citric Heat

I'm sitting on my bed waiting for my dialysis machine to complete its 51 minute citric disinfection, so I thought I'd post a blog entry.

I went to work today. It was my first 8 hour shift since I got that major virus. It went ok. I was pretty tired after the shift though. I'm going to have to re-learn how to cope with those shifts. But, so far so good I suppose. Only a bit of a headache today.

I can't wait to finish school so I can finally got a job in my field, hopefully with the company I'm at right now. This year will be my 7th year there, so I'd like to stay there if possible.

Hmm, what else? Oh, if you're reading this entry and you're bored, I recommend you "youtube" the song "Shiver" by Shawn Desman. I like it. I like the video even more.

Can you tell I haven't much to say today? <3

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