Friday, January 22, 2010

What's with random bruises?

I guess I did not mention it previously, but I did in fact go to my dentist on Tuesday afternoon. My sister and I got there a bit late as there was an accident on the highway. Because of this, I didn't get to finish all that I had to do in there. My appointment consisted of getting fitted for my mouth guard (to protect my from what I thought was grinding of teeth but my lovely dentist thinks its more "clenching"), getting fitted for a retainer for the crowding of my teeth, and also some cleaning. I got half of my mouth cleaned, but the bottom teeth need to be cleaned as well.

Different topic altogether...what's with me getting bruises all the time? I never know how I got them! Check out my wrist:

Can you see it? What's up with that??

4 thought(s):

Sierra said...

hmmm I have drug induced lupus and I get something similar but all over my lower legs, found out I have vasculitis as well and apparently it is from blood pooling in the veins due to lack of blood flow from inflammation, some blood leaks out and pools under the skin... Could be something similar? I was feeling pretty sorry for myself till I read your blog, but you've got it so much worse... Hope things workout for you!

Miz Flow said...

Hi Sierra,

Thanks for your message! Were the doctors ever able to offer you a solution to these things?

gelayC said...

hmmmm... my bruises start with an itchy rash... have no idea where the rashes came from..but just after a few minutes they will turn into bruises... do you experience the same?

Miz Flow said...

I don't get rashes or anything like that...just random bruises..!

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