Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thank Goodness THAT is over!

My accounting test, that is.

Remember in my previous post I mentioned the poor formatting of some of the questions on the practice accounting quiz? Well, wouldn't you know that the test (which is an online test) had the same issues when I went to school to write it today?? And, because the prof gave us anytime between Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon to write this test, she wasn't specfically there to address this! One of the questions was outright missing a whole set of information needed to solve the question.

I emailed my prof and advised her and she replied quickly. She will review the test and make the appropriate adjustments.

I think I'm gonna hit the hay extra early today. I've packed my lunch and it's all ready for tomorrow. What I also plan to pack is a container of Clorox wipes for my desk at work. Other people are always on my computer, and the one girl who I know sits there often was home from work on Monday because she was sick!! Yikes!

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