Sunday, November 15, 2009

Break between studying

I am studying for a multiple choice quiz in my Training and Development class on Tuesday morning. It is multiple choice and is worth 5%. The last one I got a B or something. I'm shooting for the stars this time.

Last night was a late night. I went to my friend's uncle's house where she was holding her birthday party. Man was the house beautiful. I didn't know that houses like that existed in that area. Something to strive for i guess!

The party included great games, great conversation, and tons of catching up. We played guitar hero and other Wii games. There was one Mario game where you choose your Mario character and you run a 100 metre race. You hold the remote in one hand and a nunchuck in the other hand. Then, when the gun goes off to signify the beginning of the race, you have to move your hands back and forth as fast as you can (as if you were running). Man was I exhausted after playing a couple of times!

Well, back to the books!

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