Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Waiting for my machine to rinse

So I'm gonna take some time to write a short post while I wait for my machine to post.

School's going well. In spite of all the tests I've been doing all at once, my lowest mark so far is 74% in economics. I was actually pretty happy with that as I walked out of that test not feeling very confident.
I got 94% on my Business Communications assignment which is pretty rad. I have a Business communications test tomorrow. It's an open book, use all of your assignments/powerpoint slides test. How does one study for such a test? Do you need to??

I got a blackberry. I've had it for 1 day and I feel that it will come in great handy. I wish all of my friends had blackberrys so we could BBM each other instead of text message.

I can hardly wait for my machine to be done rinsing and such so I can connect and SLEEEEP. I feel so depriaved. And, next week is reading week so I'll have a whole week to relax and work on assignments and such. CANNOT WAIT!

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