Sunday, September 27, 2009

Minor Setback

I went to work on Wednesday the 23rd and felt great. I had a great day at work, in fact. My co-workers all seemed to make me smile today-even moreso than they usually do. Roses had been sold a week before to raise money for breast cancer. I took the opportunity to purchase some roses for 3 of my coworkers.

One of them was a co-worker who sits right across from me. She's on my team. I've mentioned her before. Shockingly, we both have Lupus. Weird, huh? I just had to buy her a rose. I bought her a rose now only because she's a wonderfully sweet person, but because she is strong and a fighter!

After work, my father came and picked me up and we headed home. Nothing was out of the ordinary.

That night, I connected myself to my machine...and went to sleep.

I woke up the next day feeling horrible. My stomach had this dull feeling of pain that simply would not subside. I woke up about 3 hours before I was due to disconnect because I had to use the washroom. I turned my light on, got my saline and recirculator ready...then the urge left me. So, I went back to sleep.

When the END UF alarm woke me up 3 hours later...I felt horrible. I disconnected and gave myself plenty of saline. After I had finished doing all that I had to do, I made myself some tea and toast, took my meds, then went back to bed. I also took some gravol as well. I figured that I could sleep and rest until about 1pm, as I wouldn't really need to leave home until about 2pm. I set my alarm, then fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of my cell phone alarm charming. I decided immediately that I wouldn't be going anywhere. I felt awful. The simple act of walking from my bed to the washroom, about 2 steps, felt terrible. My laptop was at the foot of my bed, so I opened it up and emailed my professor. I told her that I couldn't make it to class. She promptly emailed me back and told me to get well. She also directed me to the slides that she had posted. I was happy she responded so quickly.

I knew that if I just got some rest I'd be ok for school tomorrow. I have Recruitment and Selection class on Fridays. I didn't want to miss that! Oh, but my stomach had other plans. I woke up on Friday morning feeling just as awful. I didn't have the luxury of sleeping in a bit and hoping to feel better as class starts at 11am. I sent a text message to some of my classmates to inform them that I wouldn't be in class.

The next day (yesterday) was Saturday. I had to call in sick. I felt terrible. There was no way I could sit at a desk for 8 hours. The only way I could do that is with frequent "lie down" breaks, and that simply wouldn't suffice as it wouldn't be my own bed. I felt worried. Was I getting "sick" sick? This simply isn't an option for me...I have so many other things to do! I spent the better part of Saturday in bed. I'm glad my Mommy was around to take care of me. So I rested. I did a bit of homework, but mostly rested. I have a group assignment due on Tuesday, so my 2 group members got together at my house and we worked on our project. I have to put it together today then post it on google docs so that they can see it.

I'm feeling a bit better today. I'm hoping I'll feel even better tomorrow, as tomorrow is my long day: work in the morning, school in the evening. I'll keep my fingers crossed...I hope you will too.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Florida Dialysis

This will be a relatively quick posted. I decided to stay home on a Friday night instead of meet up with my friends for dancing for a few reasons.

Firstly, I have a test in my Training and Development class on Tuesday and I definitely want to study a bit. Also...salsa dancing with achy joints?? Mmm...maybe not.

The dialysis unit in Florida faxed my home hemo unit the other day. It was a contract for me to sign and send back to them, agreeing to make payment for the amount listed on the contract. My father obtained the fax for me and nearly fell out of his police boots when he read it. It had stated that the cost per dialysis would be $650 per session. GEEZ! I promptly spoke to the unit that I planned to visit to discuss our previous discussion about cost. She told me that since I was a repeat visitor, I could pay the same price that I paid the first time, which was exactly $200usd per session. I mean...that's still a lot of money! But at least it isn't three and a half TIMES the amount! It strikes me as off that the price went up so dramatically. It was only what, December 2007 when my father and I went to Florida? How did the price go up so dramatically in such a short amount of time?

The unit confirmed that yes, all I had to pay was $200 per session. Another contract would be faxed to me, since the actual dialysis unit that I'll be attending and the place that I'll be dialyzing are two different places.

The contract also stated that doctor's fees are billed separately. The last time, I found myself paying approximately $185usd to have a doctor poke my ankles, take my blood pressure, and ask me silly questions for a total (and I kid you not) of 6 minutes. I waited and waited, wasting precious time during my 7 day vacation, to see a doctor for 6 minutes and pay almost $200. Their rule is if you plan to dialyze more than once in their clinic, the doctor's visit is mandatory. I am putting my foot down this time. The first time, I was not a home dialyzor. I was not independant and in control of my dialysis. This time, I am. I don't need a doctor to check my blood pressure. I don't need a doctor to ask me silly questions. To be honest, I didn't need it THEN either, considering the fact that they make my own doctor fill out a document the width of a phonebook before they allowed me to dialyze there. If they were going to disregard all that my very knowledgable doctor had to say and were going to have their own doctor check me out anyways...why waste my own doctor's time?

This time, I'm absolutely refusing. Flat out.

I can't wait to hear the arguements and disagreements that ensue because of my absolute refusal to give in to paying silly amounts of money for an unneeded doctor's consult.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Do you believe in angels?

First of all, before I even get into this entry, I thought I'd mention a joke a friend and I share. I was chatting with her on MSN when I heard the ice cream truck outside. I (obviously) went outside to grab my a nice vanilla cone. I saw a kid who had no ice cream and had no money to pay for one. Well, he had a little bit of money, but not enough for ice cream. So, I did the right thing: I bought him ice cream. The young man very politely said "thank you, lady". It was cute.

I came back to my room and told my friend what had happened. She told me that I was so nice and said that I was an "angle". An ANGLE? We both thought it was so hilarious. She went on to call me an obtuse angle for the rest of the semester. Haha.

Anyhow, back to a more serious story I forgot to write about yesterday. Do you believe in angels? I have never masked the fact that I am a Christian and I do believe in God. Whether you believe in God or not, I bet we all have days where we're just me?

I was almost having one of those days yesterday. As I mentioned yesterday... I just haven't been having a couple of weeks. Stomach pain has subsided, but now my left foot hurts a lot.

Yesterday I was at the subway on the escalator. I would usually walk or run up the escalator, but the pain in my foot would not allow. As I stood there, a man walked by me and gave me a friendly "howdy". I responded by saying hello, and he continued to walk past me and up the stairs of the escalator. As I neared the top of the escalator, I noticed the same man standing at the top. He said to me "You are blessed. Did you know that? Did you know that you are blessed?" I was a bit surprised, but I responded that I did know. He said "ok, good...good. You are blessed". He said goodbye to me and walked in the opposite direction that I was going in.

I went outside to wait for the bus. After about 5 minutes, the same gentleman came back and stood in front of me.

"Are you a Christian?" he asked. I hesitated for only a millisecond before responding affirmatively. I was afraid that he was going to preach to me, or he was going to ask me for something. He then went on to say "I want you to know that you can do anything. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't achieve anything you want. God is on your side, you can do anything, and you are blessed. Okay?"

"Ok" I said. I thanked him. God Bless You, he said. Then he went back in the direction that he had originally walked when we had first crossed paths a few moments earlier.

It was all kind of strange as it seemed to be just the boost I needed at that time. It was like he was specifically put there to lift my spirits and remind me that God was on my side. He only talked to me...he didn't go to anyone else, talk to anyone else, look at anyone else. Just me. The subway station was pretty full.

It definitely reminded me to keep my faith up. It reminded me that I need to keep plugging on as I have been...and that I can do anything I really put my mind to.

When I told someone else about this story, they suggested that perhaps this was an Angel, sent specifically to remind me to keep my faith up. It's strange how he not only stopped at the top of the escalator to talk to me...but he came back into the subway station after leaving...just to remind me further that I can do anything.


I think not.

Friday, September 11, 2009


1 week down...only 14 to go??!

I'm happy that i made it through my first week of school-but literally, it was just barely. As I mentioned previously, my stomach was hurting so badly on Wednesday. My joints hurt that day. My joints don't hurt much today, but my right foot is hurting (again). Will I ever rid myself of this terrible cycle of fracturing and re-fracturing this stupid foot??

All of my books have finally arrived, so I'm good and ready to tackle this semester. This is a crucial semester as many of my courses are directly related to me obtaining my CHRP (certified human resources professional) certification. The main criterion for these courses is that I must get a 70% average, with no one mark lower than 65%. I'm definitely doing that now as I haven't had any courses lower than a B, but that trend definitely needs to continue for this semester and also the next one.

I think I will start reading my economics textbook. It's an online course so I need to be careful not to fall behind...or else there's no turning back! Some online courses will potentially allow you to post all of your answers at the very last minute. Not this course. There are weekly modules that need to be completed by 11:59pm on Wednesdays.

So, off to make some notes for economics!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yes, my title pretty much confirms how I felt yesterday... and to some degree, today as well. Yesterday was just an awful day. My joints were killing me and I could hardly walk. My stomach felt felt like there was something in my stomach pushing it outwards. It was a constant pressure, like someone leaning against a wall. It hurt to touch.

My father was nice enough to bring me a hot water bottle before he went off to work. It helped. I walked around my house like a robot with the stiffness and pain in my joints. I felt like if I could just walk around a little bit joint stiffness would lessen. But the catch- it hurt to walk.

Today I have to go to school and see my disability coordinator. She will give me a package to provide to all of my professors to basically outline all of my needed accommodations.

I should get ready as I should really be leaving my house in about half an hour. I hope I feel better!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Back to School

My school bag is packed and I'm all ready for another fantastic semester starting tomorrow. I've done my schedule in such a way that I'll only have one class per day. Tomorrow, it's Training and Development. I will admit, the break seemed pretty short even thought it was 3 weeks long. My intent was to finish school in 2 years instead of 3 by going to school in all semesters without taking any time off, but I am unsure if i'll be able to do that. I definitely want to finish school sooner than later so that I may move to a position that utilizes said skills, but I also don't want to go nuts! I think my answer to this is to perhaps go to school part time next summer, maybe 2 or 3 classes. We'll see!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so my friend Carmela and I went to the park. I would consider her to be quite the photographer, and I'm sure many others would agree also. I have always wanted a new picture of myself that I could put on my blog. I wanted something that somehow represented both my blog and myself.

The idea of me taking a picture with my fistula showing immediately came to mind. I wanted to just kind of be like...yes, here I am, this is me and this is my fistula. I deal with it so you should too. I think the picture came out great! The picture is actually in the top left margin of my blog, but I wanted to post it again right here in this entry, a little bigger than the picture on the left, so you can get a real feel for Carmela's wonderful work.

Thanks Carm!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mini Vacash

Please excuse my lack of posting. It has been a busy week for me.

On Sunday afternoon (last sunday), right after work, myself, my mom and my sis went to Buffalo for 2 nights. We shopped til we dropped! It was great fun as my mom usually works throughout the week and my sister is usually busy with work and school. It just so happened that we were all free of other commitments for those few days, so we decided to go to Buffalo.

The hotel was great, the shopping was great, and I had a great time...mostly just hanging out with "the ladies".

We went to the cheesecake factory for dinner on one night. Who knew the cheesecake factory serves things other than cheesecake? I got an obscenely large hamburger while my sister and mom both got chicken burgers. Man, these burgers were big enough to feed all three of us had we just placed one order. I ate but didn't stuff myself. I had no interest in making myself ill like I was the night before from our take our mission to olive garden!

Anyhow, I just finished phase one of dialysis supplies room re-organization, so I'm pretty tired. I'm going to rest. I will post pictures of the reorganization when I'm done...hmm...maybe I should have taken before pictures....oh well.
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