Friday, April 17, 2009


I wrote my last exam yesterday and I'm feeling super. It was a math exam and I think it went well. I expect to come out of that class with an A+!

I got a new cell phone this week. I'm a cell phone freak to be honest. I got a nokia E71, which is a niftly little qwerty phone. I enjoy texting.

My ankle is still in pain. I called my family doctor (again) and was told that he had no appointments open. So, it was off to the walk-in clinic. As I suspected, the doctor was quite baffled and quite frankly scared to do or say anything. He suggested I get an x-ray done, and in the meantime, wear a tensor bandage. So, I'm wearing a tensor bandage until I can shuffle off to the hospital on Monday to get an x-ray done. I'll have to email Rose and ask her to put an x-ray in the computer for me.

Now that the stresses of school/homework is over for the next 2 weeks. the new worry is the family's taxes! This year I'm lucky enough to only have to do mine and my parents as my sister will be doing my brother's. There's so many things to consider. Lucky for me I can apply for the disability tax credit, because if I didn't, I'd be owing the government some moolah.

I also got my hair done today. Wee!

I'd like to figure out if I can mobile blog from Canada without fallilng over in excess charges. I'll have to investigate further. I'd love to blog from my cell.

Anyhow, I have to go and do my makeup as I'm meeting the girls for some late evening sushi in about 40 minutes

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