Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don't tell my joints, my achy breaky joints...

Today was the LAST business concepts class. Hurray! This test was a bit more difficult than the other tests, but I still think I did well nonetheless. Next week we'll be getting our assignment back as well as a breakdown of all of our marks, ultimately showing us our final mark. I'm expecting an A as I haven't gotten anything under 86% on anything in that class. Yay!

Monday is my HR class. It'll be one of the more important tests to study for because, well, its my major. Getting a good mark in that class is important as getting my CHRP designation depends on me doing well in that course.

Anyhow, in other news, my feet hurt (again). Both of them. My left inner upper ankle and my right foot/ankle. Also my left hip/back area (still lilkely from trying to open that foreclean thing). I'm hoping this pain goes away soon...I hate feeling so hindered in my movements.

Now, time to draw up my cue cards to help me study for my HR test..*sigh*!

1 down (business concepts), 3 to go (Human Resources, Computer Applications, & Math)

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