Thursday, April 30, 2009

Strange Subway Situation

Myself and my friend Jules had planned to try and get together and do something during our two week break. We managed to sneak something in at the last moment (today). We were to meet at 12:30 for a 1pm movie. I was with my Dad at first sorting out the tax return stuff. After that, Dad and I parted ways. He went to submit the tax returns while I went to the mall to perhaps window shop until I met up with my friend.

When I got on the subway for my short ride, I noticed a woman who was with a man. She seemed to be upset. She was crying. Her male companion was handing her tissues as she wiped her face. I thought that she was upset about something he had told her. I looked but tried not to stare.

As my stop came close, the man and the woman got up. The woman got up briefly, then slumped back into an adjacent chair, holding her chest and crying out in pain.

"What's wrong with her?" another subway rider with a baby carriage asked the man. "Her chest is hurting her. We're going to go to the doctor tonight" he said. "I don't think you should wait that long. I'm calling 911". said the woman. I wondered what I should do. In that same moment, I knew it would be a good idea to push the emergency assistance button. The woman in distressed staggered out of the subway and onto the floor, crying and screaming in pain, yelling that it hurt, it hurt. The woman with the baby carriage passed the carriage off to her friend as she spoke to the emergency dispatcher on the other line. The lady with the baby carriage asked the man various medical related questions as relayed by the medical dispatcher. The woman in distress was on medication, and also had colitis.

Another lady came along and knealt down beside the crying woman, who was now lying flat on the floor. She tried her best to console her by rubbing her leg. The man, who had explained that he was friends with the lady, looked obviously frustrated and helpless.

Another lady came by and stood beside me, looking horrified. "What happened??" she asked me. I quickly briefed her on what was going on. The next thing out of her mouth was unexpected.
"Are you a Christian?" she asked me.
I hesitated...Yes I am. I didn't hesitate because I didn't want her to know I was a Christian, I just thought it was odd that she asked me that at that very moment. When I responded, she suggested that we pray together for this woman. Hey sure, why not?

She held my who hands and she prayed. I closed both eyes at first, but then kept one eye open to see that the lady on the ground was ok.

A woman in a red sweater came up to me and asked if anyone had taken her pulse. I said no. She expressed that she was a nurse and would take on that task of checking the woman's vitals as best as she could without any equipment. I think this nurse's existence right then and there set everyone's heart at ease...just a tiny bit.

After what seemed like an eternity, the paramedics came. One of 3 paramedics promptly put a mask on. People who weren't there to see what happened from the beginning simply saw a woman on the ground in obvious distress, and a paramedic wearing a mask. People began to slowly back away while using their purses/clutches to block there faces from the "swine flu' germs in the air. *rolls eyes*

Shortly thereafter, 2 more paramedics came with a stretcher. The woman was still crying and saying she couldn't breathe. As they continued to tend to her, it was clear that the paramedics seemed to have everything under control, so everyone returned on their way.

I found my eyes watering, watching this woman who was in obvious pain. A complete stranger. Geez, how awful was it for my mom &/or dad to watch me get a huge needle shoved into my knee while getting it tapped? How awful was it for my dad to hear my scream bloody murder while getting a bone marrow tap from my lower back on one occasion and from my hip on two other occasions? How awful was it for them to watch my wiggle due to stomach pain, on two resulting in seizures and the other in a perforated sigmoid colon?

Wow. That's rough.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Food Festival Pics

As promised, here are some pics from the good food festival. The pics that have me and my sister with Mr. Peanut were taken before he was accosted by some strange lady who started running into him/bouncing him. What made it funnier is the fact that Mr. Peanut started running into her/bouncing her. Haha.

Me and Mr. Peanut!

My Sister and Mr. Peanut!

"Eat, Shrink and be Merry!"

Janet and Greta Podleski, cookbook authors & television personalities

My sister getting hearburn from eating pizza. LOL

Declared Uninsurable

When I thought about writing a post on this, I wasn't sure why it came to mind as it is something that happened 2 winters ago. But, it then came to me.

I work for a major bank in customer service. If you have a credit card in our bank, (and I'm sure other banks as well), it is advisable to contact your bank and advise them that you'll be travelling and using your card elsewhere. Obviously, when someone is travelling, it's always good to remind them to make sure they have travel medical insurance.

Two winters ago, my father and I took a trip to Florida. It was a pretty last minute trip, and it was mostly something my father did for me to get my spirits up. I tell you, if anyone in this world can read me like a's my father. He knew I was sad. I was sad because he and I had been on this rollercoaster of tests, more tests, and re-tests. He was being worked up to be my kidney donor. This whole process had been going on for a couple of years at least. Whenever we were ready to do this transplant, as I've mentioned previously...something would come up. I'd get sick. Then I'd get better. Then I'd get sick again. Then I'd get better. Then my father's tests would be out of date so then he'd neet to go through the gauntlet of tests again. Then when I was well and his tests were done...Dad would have a project through work that he simply couldn't leave until it was complete. Sometimes these projects included planning and organizing events that weren't going to happen until a month later. Finally, as last, everything ended when it was found out that my father's blood pressure was too "borderline" to do the transplant.

I was sad. Everytime I got sick and was in the hospital, I'd think to myself "well, at least when I get my transplant I can_____". Whenever I dragged my behind out of bed at 6:15 in the morning to go to the hospital for dialysis, I'd say to myself "I won't have to do this for long". Now, I had no kidney lined up and would have to wait on the endless deceased donor list.

In order to lift my downed spirits, my dad asked me to book a flight for the two of us to Florida. When I booked the flights, I decided to call an insurance company so I could purchase medical insurance for myself. Better safe than sorry, you know.

I called the insurance company and spoke to a very nice gentleman. I answered all of his questions honestly and truthfully. When I told him that I had Lupus, he paused...then politely asked if he could put me on hold. I figured that it was because he was going to punch the information into the computer, then come back and give me a quote. I figured it would be extremely expensive based on the information I provided to him.

When he came back on the line, he said "Hi ma'am, I reviewed your information, and unfortunately, based on the information you provided me, you are not eligible for travel medical insurance with our company".

"What? How come?" I asked.

He went on to told me that Lupus was one of the conditions not covered by them, and I therefore was uninsurable. He gave me the number for another insurance company that he felt would be better able to "meet my needs". I politely thanked him....and put down the phone.

It was just travel medical insurance. It wasn't the end of the world. But I'll tell you the truth. I sat there, the phone beeping because I didn't put it down properly...and cried.

Wow. I must really be sick if the insurance company doesn't even want to insure me. First, I can't get a kidney, and now I can't even bloody well get travel medical insurance. I was sad. Here I am, a female in her mid-twenties, getting denied medical insurance. Crappy. Very crappy indeed.

I dried my tears and decided that I wasn't going to call the other insurance company. I didn't want to be rejected again. Everything including dialysis went well on my trip. Dad and I had a blast.

I consider myself very blessed to be working for an organization that covers my medical expenses. Since my trip, I found out that I can also be covered for travel medical insurance through work...and there are NO medical questions. Imagine that?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blogging it up from my cell

First of all, i apologize in advance for any spelling mistakes and such. I'm writing this post from my nokia E71. It's essentially a test post...just to see if this works or not. Then i'll know that if emergency on location blogging needs to be can.

Anyhow, i didn't do much today. Yesterday, my mother, sister & i went to the annual Good Food Festival. We loved it as usual, however the effects of the recession were evident. There weren't as many vendors there, and because there weren't as many vendors, there wasn't as much food sampling to be done. There were a lot of banks selling credit cards, but not quite as much food as we would have liked.

I took a picture with Mr. Peanut which i will post at a later time. At one point, my sister and i witnessed some lady running/bouncing into Mr. Peanut! I wad very annoyed by this. Why would she repeatedly charge into the poor man/woman in the peanut costume? Based on the expression on her face, she thought it was a riot. Based on the facial expression of her male, maybe not so much.

I felt unusually tired today. It was the kind of tired one feels when they might be getting sick. I don't want to get sick...especially with all of this swine flu business. I REALLY hope this doesn't turn into SARS part 2.

Hmm, i can definitely see how and why heavy blackberry users sometimes end up with problems in their hands and fingers so i think i'll end now. Besides... as i mentioned, i'm feeling pretty exhausted & i gotta leave the house at 730 am tomorrow for work.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who Can it be knocking at my door? Go 'way...don't come 'round here no more...

My heart rate is just now starting to lower to a normal pace after a startling evening.

I woke up from dialysis this morning after the "End UF" alarm woke me up. As I gave my blood back, my cell phone rang. It was Dad.

"Want me to bring you breakfast?" he asked. Err, who'd say no to that?? :)

About 30 minutes later, my Dad came with breakfast and tea. Before he left, he said "Don't open the door for anybody!" I asked him what he meant by that, as I don't normally make it a habit of opening the door to strangers anyways. He reminded me of a shooting that took place about 10 mintes away from my house whereby the perpetrator was still on the loose. I assured him that I wouldn't open the door for anyone.

I spent much of the day on my laptop, staring at the tax forms, etc and plugged them into the tax program that I'm using. My Dad came home around 4pm and told me that he was waiting for Mom to get home as they were going to go to his friend's retirement party. My Mom came home, quickly got changed, and off they went.

As I sat in my bed and watched tv, I heard someone knocking at the door. Hmm, who could that be? I thought of my brother, who often knocks instead of using the house key that he still has. I peered out of the balcony door and noticed a man in my driveway walking towards the side door. His van was parked in the driveway. Just then, the doorbell rang. I went to the top of the stairs which has a window that overlooks the side door. I was 2 men clearly but I'm sure there were at least 3. I went back into my room and sat back down.

About a minute later, more knocking. This time, it wasn't even knocking. It was BANGING. I'd describe it as violent knocking. Like, "I know you're in there" knocking. My heart started to race. Who are these people and why won't they leave?

I looked out of the closed balcony door again. This time, there was another van parked on the street in front of my house. One of the men who was at the side door was now at the trunk of the van, removing a large orange ladder. What the heck??? We are changing the placement of the side door to my house so currently there are 2 side doors. Could these people be the people who are supposed to work on the door? I wasn't going to take that chance. If that were the case, my father would have told me...wouldn't he?

Just then, even LOUDER banging. I quickly dialed my sister's cell phone number. Voicemail.

I then dialed my brother's number. He answered after only one ring. Trying to remain composed, I told him that there were men outside of the house, banging away violently at the door. He asked me if I could see who it was and I described to him what I saw. He paused. I know he was contemplating what to do since he was still at work...which was probably more than 30 minutes away.

He also asked me if I thought it might be the people working on the door. I didn't know. Just then I walked to the top of the stairs. More banging. The banging was so loud that my brother could hear it through my cell phone to his. He told me to hang tight and he would send somebody over.

I hung up and waited. I tried my sister's office number this time. No answer.

More doorbell ringing. More banging.

"I should call the police" I thought. Since my father was at this retirement party, he didn't have his pager with hin. I know that if I called him, if he couldn't physically be there himself, he'd send somebody over. A cop would be at my door in 2 minutes or less if he sent them.

Another 10 minutes or so passed. I looked out the window and saw the man putting the ladder back into the car. While all of this was happening, the house phone rang. I was too mortified to answer it. If it was them calling, they'd know somebody was home. They stood on the diveway for a few minutes more, then both vans left.

My heart was still beating. I called my brother back to let him know that the people banging on the door had left.

I checked the voicemail after I calmed down a bit. It was, in fact, the people who were supposed to work on the door. He said "Hey I came to work on the door, sorry you weren't home. Bye".

You know, I just don't understand WHY, first of all, they would bang on the door with such force. It was almost as if they were trying to break the door completely down. I was scared, upset, and in tears. I would NEVER knock on someone's door like that! If I knocked and there was no answer, and I in my own mind was positive that someone was home, then I'd call the house or the cell phone of the person I'm looking for. I wouldn't bang on the door with such fury. It's so disrespectful.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I came home from a long day at work today. I slumped down onto my bed and watched the news. On a daily basis, I've been logging into my school's website, just waiting for the moment my marks for the semester would be released. Well, they were finally released today:

Oh, and just a note, "EX" stands for exempted. I was exempted from english because of my high OAC (aka high school grade 13) English mark, and I was exempted from Marketing because I took it when I was at York University.

Woo hoo! Straight A's!!!

Dear Lupus,
Please Shut up.
Thank you.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Ankle x-ray verdict is in

I got a call from my lovely nurse Rose today. Prior to calling me, she read over the results of my x-rays. She didn't fully understand exactly what they meant, so she forwarded the results to my nephrologist.

The x-ray of my left ankle showed that there is a broken bone in my foot. That is, there is a small piece of bone that has broken off in my ankle. I will now need to be referred to an ortho doctor or something so that a decision can be made as to what needs to be done.

Pretty crummy news. I'm on break from school now so that's great, but I have no idea what this broken piece of bone will mean for me. Will it need to be casted? Will they suggest just leaving it as it is? Will they want to surgically remove this piece of bone?

All I know is that I'm on this path where school is concerned and I certainly don't want anything to disrupt it...but at the same time, my ankle DOES hurt. I have it wrapped in a tensor bandage and I have had it since last week. I'm waiting for Rose to call me back, possibly tomorrow, and let me know what the verdict is. I will post updates as they become available.

What a pain in the a... um...ankle...pain in the ankle.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

How very odd!

I'm quite glad that the school semester is over...but I feel like I should be doing something! Studying...reading...homework...something!

I don't think it'll be until about 3 or so days before I'm supposed to go back to school that I'll realize that I actually needed that break...and possibly a week more!

I got a letter in the mail the other day from the transplant people. I'm "officially on the transplant list, as of September 1st 2004". The letter they sent to me also included a form which specifies how am to obtain my free pager. My "we have a kidney for you " pager. I sent the fax off to Bell Mobility and I expect to get my pager sometime in the next week or so. Sheesh, I hope they don't give me some huge brick of a pager that will give me back spasms due to its size.

I really want to finish school and get my diploma and such under my belt...and not have to worry about surgery right now. However, I really do want to get this transplant thing done as I find myself spending a lot of time doing dialysis stuff that could be spent doing homework insteady. I'm really torn about that. At least I know that while I'm doing dialysis, I'm not on a whole bunch of medications that I have absolutely no idea how I'll react to them. I know that I won't develop diabetes from high steroid doses (this has happened to me twice after being put on high doses of prednisone).

But then...the idea of being able to travel on a whim...the idea that I don't need to plan things months in advance. If I had the portable machine, I'd certainly feel better about travelling and going places would be a bit easier. However...obviously, nothing beats the real mccoy.

What's that saying about the devil you know vs. the devil you don't know?

Friday, April 17, 2009


I wrote my last exam yesterday and I'm feeling super. It was a math exam and I think it went well. I expect to come out of that class with an A+!

I got a new cell phone this week. I'm a cell phone freak to be honest. I got a nokia E71, which is a niftly little qwerty phone. I enjoy texting.

My ankle is still in pain. I called my family doctor (again) and was told that he had no appointments open. So, it was off to the walk-in clinic. As I suspected, the doctor was quite baffled and quite frankly scared to do or say anything. He suggested I get an x-ray done, and in the meantime, wear a tensor bandage. So, I'm wearing a tensor bandage until I can shuffle off to the hospital on Monday to get an x-ray done. I'll have to email Rose and ask her to put an x-ray in the computer for me.

Now that the stresses of school/homework is over for the next 2 weeks. the new worry is the family's taxes! This year I'm lucky enough to only have to do mine and my parents as my sister will be doing my brother's. There's so many things to consider. Lucky for me I can apply for the disability tax credit, because if I didn't, I'd be owing the government some moolah.

I also got my hair done today. Wee!

I'd like to figure out if I can mobile blog from Canada without fallilng over in excess charges. I'll have to investigate further. I'd love to blog from my cell.

Anyhow, I have to go and do my makeup as I'm meeting the girls for some late evening sushi in about 40 minutes

Friday, April 10, 2009

I Remember.

I remember when I tried to run across the street with my mother, but I was so exhausted that I could barely put one foot in front of the other. We were on our way to the hospital for the first time.

I remember when I heard Dr. Harvey say "You're daughter has a disease called Lupus" to my Mother and Father, as they all sat in my hospital room at Sick Kid's Hospital. They weren't talking to me, but I heard them. I remember laying my raised head back down on the pillow abruptly. Abruptly in fear. Abruptly in confusion.

I remember my father feeding me ice chips at the side of my hospital bed. My tongue was sore from when I clamped down on it repeatedly during a seizure I had just a few days prior. I remember how badly it hurt. I remember the band-aid on my Dad's face from when my fingernails scratched him while he tried to hold my thrashing arms down as I seized wildly.

I remember my sister sitting at the edge of my bed at home as I writhed in pain from severe stomach pain. I remember waking up a few days later, in a hospital bed. I remember being told that I had become dispondent...then started seizing. Someone had already dialed 911 by then as my sister recognized my behaviour from the last time this had happened.

I remember having septic arthritis in my knee. I remember the inexperienced doctors coming into my room at least twice a day to try and tap the fluid in my knee. I remember them not being successful at tapping my knee at least 95% of the time. I remember them being successful in causing me a great deal of pain 100% of the time as they shoved the huge needle directly into my knee. I remember needing knee surgery. I remember it everytime I wear a skirt or shorts.

I remember feeling sick one day. I remember feeling so warm that I had 2 fans in my bedroom, both on full blast, pointing at me. I remember walking into the hospital with my sister to get checked out. I remember losing my ability to walk, move my arms, and talk without drooling just 2 days after. I remember being told I had a 'growth' on my brain. I remember being frustrated because I couldn't articulate things the way I wanted to. I remember crying by myself in the middle of the night when the nurses who came to my room to move me up in the bed pulled me up with such force that I hit my head on the headboard. I remember when they quickly turned around and walked away right after I yelled "OW" and started to cry.

I remember the drive to the hospital that day. The bumps in the road where exceedingly painful. I remember being told I had a perforated sigmoid colon. I remember having no idea what that even meant. I remember being told that I'd need emergency surgery. I remember calling my sister to tell her as I lay in emergency. I remember calling my friend and co-worker Andre. I remember the nurses taking off my socks as I spoke to the on-call surgeon got himself and his team ready.

I remember wearing a bag on my stomach for 6 months. I remember the gaping hole in my stomach from when the staples were removed too early and my wound reopened immediately after the last staple was out. I remember that everyday when I take a shower.

In spite of all this, ALL of this, I sit here. Not only do I sit here, but I sit here, working part time and getting amazing marks in school. I just got my final mark for computers. 95.1%. I always knew that I was a fighter and that I'd make it, and I knew I wanted to go back to school. What didn't know was that I'd be pulling off a 95% in anything. I never dreamed of it.


Thank you Lord.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don't tell my joints, my achy breaky joints...

Today was the LAST business concepts class. Hurray! This test was a bit more difficult than the other tests, but I still think I did well nonetheless. Next week we'll be getting our assignment back as well as a breakdown of all of our marks, ultimately showing us our final mark. I'm expecting an A as I haven't gotten anything under 86% on anything in that class. Yay!

Monday is my HR class. It'll be one of the more important tests to study for because, well, its my major. Getting a good mark in that class is important as getting my CHRP designation depends on me doing well in that course.

Anyhow, in other news, my feet hurt (again). Both of them. My left inner upper ankle and my right foot/ankle. Also my left hip/back area (still lilkely from trying to open that foreclean thing). I'm hoping this pain goes away soon...I hate feeling so hindered in my movements.

Now, time to draw up my cue cards to help me study for my HR test..*sigh*!

1 down (business concepts), 3 to go (Human Resources, Computer Applications, & Math)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wondering if I should go gluten free again

I keep getting stomach aches! Not seriously painful ones, but ones that are definitely severe enough to make me want to come home from work. I had to call my mom and ask her to pick me up from work yesterday because my stomach wasn't well.

I know that when I went the gluten free route, a lot of my unexplained stomach aches went away. When I did it, however, I was in a controlled environment (namely my house) so I was able to just make myself things that didn't have gluten in them. Doing that now would be a little different...and quite frankly, it would be difficult.

Nowadays, I spend little time at home. I'm at school and I'm at work a lot so I eat out a lot....

Would you believe that as I typed this, I suddenly had a revelation? Maybe it's not so much the actual gluten that's affecting me...maybe its the plethora of JUNK I've been eating that is affecting me! A slice of pizza here, a meatball sub there...I think it's time that I clean up my act. When I'm at home I do eat pretty well. I eat rice with vegetables, pasta with vegetables, etc. But the moment I step out of the house, I eat like a fool! This has got to stop right this second.

I'm making a vow to stop eating a whole bunch of crap and start eating properly...even when I'm out. This will mean that I will have to plan ahead, especially when it comes to school. I have 2 classes this summer that start at definite planning needed.

I'm such a dope. In my life, I've been sicker than sick and have bounced back...and still I eat a bunch of junk that my body hates. I need to make changes!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Approaching the final stretch

Only 2 weeks left of school, then we're off for two weeks, then it starts all over again. I look forward to the end of the school year as i'll have some time to relax and refocus. I may work a couple of overtime shifts at work to make some extra money or to bank some extra hours to be used during the next school year.

Next semester, I'll be taking 5 courses instead of the 4 I took this year. These courses include:
Principles of Human Resources Mgmt II
Principles of Acoounting
Project Management
Computer Applications for Human Resources
Math for Business & Mgmt II

There is a 6th course which most people are taking this semester which is an english course called Professional Communications. Since its not a prerequisite for any courses in the fall semester, i chose to skip that class and take it later. I'm doing well in school and the last thing I want to do is stress myself out to the point where I start doing poorly or, even worse, get ill! Thankfully I'm registered with the Disibilities office and therefore have the ability to go to my profs and ask for extensions on things if need be.

Speaking of doing well in class, I got my math test back today that we wrote last week. Let me just say as I probably mentioned before: math is NOT my subject. I hate math. I'm not very good at it and it takes a lot more effort on my part to do well. This is why I was MORE than pleasantly surprised when my name was called and I saw a test with MY name on it that said 49/50!! Myself and someone else got 49/50 and 49 was the highest mark in the class! WOWZERS! Needless to say I AM PLEASED with a capital WEEE!!

Before my amazing math class, I went to a clinic appointment with my nephrologist. He and my nurse reviewed my bloodwork results as well as my dialysis logs. Everyone seemed very pleased with my results. Rose was happy that I was being a compliant home dialysis patient, though I admitted that there had been times that I didn't dialyze two nights in a row due to the fact that I had tests to study for. I promised that I wouldn't make it a habit :)

Thank Goodness I have tomorrow off. I just want to sleep and sleep some more...but that being said, I have to fill up all of my bicart cartridges and set up my dialysis machine...

...because I'm a compliant home dialysis patient..


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mah behhhkk..!!!!

I'm unsure if I mentioned this previously, so I'll mention it now: I hate my 5-micron filter.

This is a filter affiliated with the R.O of my dialysis machine. It takes much more effort than I wish to put forth when it comes to opening it. I have to open it to change the filter inside every 2 months. Sometimes it gets hard to open because of pressure that builds up inside of it. Other times, it gets hard to open because when you ask someone which direction to turn the filter in order to open it...they tell you counter clockwise when its actually just plain ol' clockwise.

So yes, my right back/gluteus maximus is in quite a bit of pain after twisting and twisting that thing counter clockwise as instructed. When I couldn't open the filter, I recruited my big and strong brother to assist. It simply couldn't be opened. The thought of one of the techs being able to open it versus my brother was quite laughable, but I continued on with the service call for a tech the next day.

When the tech came, he strained and he pulled and he twisted...he even hammered, but to no avail. Since the metal bar holding the filter to the cart had bent quite severely after my brother and his big muscles were done with trying to open that thing, the tech took the entire 5 micron filter (including the metal piece holding it to the cart) and brought a replacement.

When he brought the replacement 5 micron filter, he drew an arrow pointing clockwise on the filter casing. Funny. I recall calling the techs...TWICE to ask which direction to turn the stupid thing. While I got the same person both times that I called, he insisted that it was counter clockwise.

So here I am, wincing in pain with every step I've taken since Sunday evening/Monday morning. With my compensating limping, I'm starting to feel pain in my knee as well.

Dang it!

Results of the dreaded group assignment

The turnaround time for assignments in my business concepts class has always been 1 week. If something is due today, whether it's an assignment or a test, we'll always get it back the very next class which is the following week.

We handed in the group assignment last Tuesday. It's the assignment that caused much anger and controversy amongst the group members. Some did next to nothing, others tried to do something and it simply wasn't enough and/or correct...while some (me!) busted our humps trying to get a good mark.

When we got to class, the professors put the assignments at the front of the class and instructed the "group leader" to go up and retrieve our group assignment. I went to the front of the class and scanned the cover pages of the assignments strewn across the table. As my eyes skimmed over the pages of assignments of others, I noticed one assignment with 29% written on it. Yikes! I wonder if he really marked this one hard!

I finally saw the assignment with our distinctive cover page. I snatched it up and took a peak. I quickly held the assignment to my chest, confused at what I saw. I looked again.

I went to one of my group members and said "Aw man, look what we got."
She looked at the paper in shock. "How did we get so low??" she asked. I told her that I had no idea. I showed it to one other group member. She couldn't even contain herself.

We actually got 100% on the paper!! What was even funnier was the fact that the professor wrote down how he tabulated the marks...and then beside the 7.5% (this assignment is 7.5% of our final mark) he wrote 2 exclamation marks! Haha! It sure made us feel good.

I passed the assignment down so that everyone had a chance to read it. I wanted those who either didn't pull their weight to read exactly what we had written and see how much of their work WASN'T in there.

Well, it's after midnight and I have to go to work tomorrow but I just had to state how happy I was to get perfect on that assignment!
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