Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Business Concepts Test

...but I don't think I'm pulling off any 86% marks on this one.

I completely blanked out on some of those questions. It's the short answer questions...those are the ones that I'm most likely to blank out on.

Multiple choice? eh, take a wild guess...there's a 20% chance you'll be right.
Long answer? Most of the long answer questions are based on opinion where no answer is necessarily right/wrong. Just answer the question, throw in a couple of terms from any of the chapters the test is based on, and that's about it. Not bad at all.

But those short answer questions really messed me up :( I think I may get a B on this one. And the thing is...B is not a bad mark! But I'm really trying to pull off straight A's this semester. I really gotta learn to not be so hard on myself! What the heck is wrong with a B???

In other news, I received my bloodwork back from Rose. It all looks pretty good. My hemoglobin is holding strong at 127 (or 12.7 for my friends in the USA...and elsewhere that measures hemoglobin like that! :) ) So I'm happy that's all good. I have to see my rheumy in April to make sure the Lupus aspect of things still look good. The last thing I need on my back is a flare mucking everything up.

I can't believe that a tech came to my house a few weeks ago to investigate my "No Water" alarms whenever I'm disinfecting...and I'm still having the same dumb problems! Another tech is supposed to come either today or tomorrow, we'll just have to wait and see.

Now I need to study for my Business Applications (aka computers) test today. It's an online test that I can write whenever I want...just as long as its written before 4pm tomorrow as there is a 1 week allottment.


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