Friday, February 20, 2009

Verdict on Hot Yoga

Now I know what Dhalsim meant when he said "Yoga fire"! (random street fighter II reference..!)

When Carolyn and I first entered the room, (oh by the way, our yoga class was at Moksha Yoga - several people had already set their mats up and were ready to go. When all was said and done, I'd guess that there were about 40-45 people taing this 90 minute hot yoga class. The temperature was set at around 37 degrees celcius (approx 99 degrees fahrenheit). I've never sweated so much in my life! The sweat was literally dripping from my face to the point that I had to wipe the sweat out of my eyes. I loved doing the poses and some of them were really challenging for my underworked body.

It wasn't really yucky hot aka humid, but it was hot. Only myself and Carolyn made it to class on time as the others got held up. I didn't matter much as this wasn't a social class anyways. I'm glad Carolyn was there as she has done Yoga before and I really haven't. It was nice to be able to look over and see Carolyn there doing the poses...then I knew to copy her! :)

Some poses, while I didn't feel tired or unwell, I simply could not do. They weren't overly complicated or anything, but they involved me sitting in a certain way or doing something with my hip or my knee...and my body just isn't having that. I cannot sit perfectly cross legged. I cannot sit on my knees either. Basically, anything that puts direct pressure on my left hip or right knee caused me problems. I did what ever modified version there was of that pose or I just lied down on my back. I won't lie: I had to step outside of the class for a few minutes for fear that I might pass out. When I got outside and looked at the clock, it was 9:22 and class ended at 9:30pm. I was pretty happy with myself as I made it pretty far! The heat of the room apparently helps relax tight muscles and allows you to stretch even further than you thought you might be able to. I agree.

I feel a little sore now. Class was over 2 and a half hours ago or so. I hope I'm ok to get up and go to work tomorrow. But I really did enjoy this Yoga class and will certainly go again. I felt great right after the class was over. I felt an energy and revitalization that I haven't felt in a long time. If you go to the FAQ section of the Moksha Yoga website, you'll get some answers to questions that I also had prior to going in. Click here to check it out:

My single piece of advice? Bring a change of underwear. There's nothing more gross than walking around/heading home in sweaty drenched underwear. Luckily both one of my friends and my sister made me wise to this important piece of info before I went. I'm glad they did.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Verdict on the Group Assignment

I just got home from a long day at work and I must study for my math test tomorrow. I'm still not comfortable with all of the concepts, but luckily I have that online math study tool that gives me a variety of practice questions and answers as well as steps on how to achieve said answer.

Yesterday was business concepts class. The prof mentioned that he had marked all of the assignments. He said there were some good marks and some not so good marks. He then started mentioning random percentages, such as 64%, 76%, 93%, etc. I knew that those marks weren't necessarily specific, but as he was rhyming off numbers, I whispered "we had better be the ones who bloody well got 93!%" My group member chuckled as we waited for the prof to stop talking and say it was ok to come to the front of the class to pick up our assignment. He continued on and said that some people took some initiative and used sources other than the sources he provided to us, which was the correct thing to do. Others did not, and therefore didn't achieve a good mark. Others didn't cite their sources at all, while others did. I knew that I spent a whole lot of time citing sources so that should have went well.

When he finally said it was ok to come to the front, my group member who happened to be closest to the front of the class went to the front and sorted through the stack of assignments. She retrieved ours quickly and brought it back. She didn't seem to have an impressed look on her face.

I immediately felt nervous. I put a lot of work into that assignment and I'd be absolutely mortified if the work I put in was garbage and didn't get a good mark.

"Did we do bad?" I asked.

"No, we did good...we got 98%!" The assignment was a total of 7.5% of our total mark and we scorerd 7.35%. I am extremely pleased!

Our not so hard-working group member came up to me immediately and asked "were the answers I sent to you ok? like, did you use them? did you understand them?"

What a time to be asking me that. I guess she was trying to validate see if her work helped contribute to the 98%. It didn't matter now as she would already be receiving that 98%, but I basically told her that I used her ideas and expanded on them. Anything to get her to stop talking. It worked.

So yay, the hours and hours of work and grief paid off. Now, time to spend hours and hours of work and grief studying math...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Invite to "Hot Yoga"

One of my high school friends sent out an email to the troops asking if we were game for a friday night of hot yoga!

I had received similar emails from her before but was always hesitant to go. I was hesitant because I felt like I might be embarrased if I tried. I'm a young, healthy looking female. I was afraid to go, get tired (or loopy from the heat) and have to take a break. I feared what people might think, but now I'm starting to realize...who cares what people think??

I also looked up "hot yoga and lupus" on the internet and found many encouraging results. Hot yoga seems to loosen those stiff joints that lupus sufferers have to contend with. With me turning over a new leaf and making a commitment to being healthy, I think this would be a good step for me. Anyhow, if I don't like hot yoga or it doesn't agree with me, at least I would have tried it once.

Today is "family day". I worked. I could have had the day off, but by working today it allows me to utilize the 7.5 hours that I worked and take time off at other times, times that I want to have off. I have already requested 3 hours off in early March for my doctor's appointment. I plan to use a full 7.5 hours (if I'm allowed..!) on April 25th, which is the day of the good food festival! Mom and I (sometimes my sister) go the the good food festival every year. My mom really enjoys it and I do to. Hopefully I can get that day off.

Anyhow, at work today I spoke to my co-worker and she happens to be a current member of that gym right beside my office. Yup, that one that gave me lotsa problems when I had to cancel. Apparently they have a really intriguing deal. $175 down, then $14 a month or something like that. It almost makes me wonder if I should give them a try again. It'd be nice to have a workout buddy to encourage you. Well, I'll have to go back to the gym and take a look as I haven't been there for a while. It may look different and not so "factory like" as it did a number of years ago. We'll see!

Time to setup Mr. Bellco the dialysis machine. I'm tired from working all day, then coming home to study math. Tomorrow is business concepts class. I hope we get our "group" assignments back, and I hope "we" did well!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

What's the 'bah humbug' equivalent for valentine's day?

Happy Valentine's day, everyone!

You know, it's the strangest thing. Just on thursday I mentioned in my blog that I needed to get back on the ball and start getting healthy! Yesterday, my dad surprised me with a new exercise bike that I had been bothering him about!

I went for my first ride today. Boy am I out of shape! haha. But I did some stretches, threw on my Ipod and biked away for about 15 minutes. I didn't feel physically tired, but my legs felt tired. I had the tention of the bike a bit light but it definitely wasn't at zero. I guess I need to keep at it and get some muscle back in my legs!

Friday feb 13 was my mom's birthday (dun...dunnnnn...DUNNNN!!!) Tomorrow we're having a birthday extravaganza at my house with plenty of people. It's a big birthday. My beautiful Mom is 60 years young. Awww <3

Well, this post is going to be super quick as I have food on the stove and I'm hungry!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Need to find time to Work it out!

Right now, the life of this 20-something with Lupus consists of school, work, and sleep. Oh, and eating.

By no stretch of the imagination am I overweight, but I'm definitely not where I should be. I've been so engourged with school and work that I haven't found time for anything else. Whenever I gain weight, it never goes to my hips, my behind, etc. All of my weight is gained in my middle area. My stomach has definitely gotten bigger and I can tell when I put on certain articles of clothing. The same goes for my chest. I think it's about time, as difficult as it will be at first, to start hitting the gym.

Today after hours of review in math class, myself and 2 of my classmates decided to go and check out the school's gym. I had never been there before and actually had no idea how to get there so I'm glad that both of my classmates came with me.

The gym was pretty standard. There were weights, a couple of elipse machines, and a couple of bikes. The gym was large as well. I signed the appropriate information at the front desk and the person behind the counter put a sticker on my student card to signify the fact that I am now allowed to go to the gym.

Just a few days ago I was checking out which gyms I am able to get a staff discount on while I was at work. I used to be a member of fitness one which is a women's gym right beside my office. The convenience of it was nice, but at the same time, I didn't feel that I was treated very well by them a few years ago.

I joined Fitness one not long after I started working where I'm at right now. It was all good...except when I got very ill. I was paying on a monthly basis and continued to pay while I was in the hospital. When I was discharged, I obtained my doctor's note as I knew I would need it in order to cancel my membership. I was definitely in no position to do any working out. I called the gym and asked what I needed to do to cancel. They told me that I'd need to fill out a form as well as bring a doctor's note and that would be all. I asked if I could come to the gym now and do it. They said I could.

My father took me to the gym and he waited in the car while I went inside. Can you believe that when I got there, they told me that they didn't have anymore of those forms, so I'd need to go to ANOTHER fitness one location to obtain the form and bring it back there? What a joke. I stood there, shocked and wobbly on my feet due to a lack of energy and being in the midst of a flare. I refused to go anywhere as I told them that I even went as far as calling before coming. I was told that there was nothing that could be done.

A manager came along and saw that I looked like I was about to fall over so she quickly pulled up a chair and let me sit down. The manager seemed to give me the impression that she was going to take care of this cancellation for me.

I went back to my dad's waiting car, unconvinced. My father was also not convinced. He told me to sit down and relax in the car and he would go in for me. Oh, did I mention that he was in uniform?

My dad went into the mall where the gym was. He came back about 15 minutes later. Everything was done. The reason I wasn't convinced is because I've seen and heard the horror stories of people cancelling their membership with gyms and they keep charging and charging and charging them. It's awful. I know that I've learned that if I join a gym, I'm going to pay for an entire year cash or pay monthly cash or cheque, not allowing the gym any access to direct withdrawal or my credit card. I need no headaches.

There is another gym not too far from my house called Adrenaline. It is a 24 hour gym which also has a separate women's section. I might check that out as well. I've been checking it out at work for a while actually as the price is right. I get a discount of over 50% which is awesome.

Well, I admit that this will be difficult with school and work and everything else. I'll see if I can make this happen as I of all people know that we cannot do all the other things that supposedly take up all of our time if we are not healthy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ok, so I didn't fall into the 90% or above range

Today was the day that we handed in our group assignment as well as got our test results back from the first test of the semester.

I won't lie...I was a little annoyed when certain group members asked me to "see the assignment before I handed it in". See the assignment? Why? To approve it? To correct my mistakes, perhaps? Get outta here! You didn't even contribute anything!!!! Gah!

Anyhow, I handed in the assignment. Now it was time to discuss the test. The professor said that the class average of 69% was on the higher end compared to his other classes. That was pretty encouraging. The professor took out a thick stack of tests and announced that they were in alphabetical order and could be picked up at the front.

The prof reconsidered, then separated the tests into stacks.

The entire class rushed to the front to pick up their tests. I also headed to the front of the class, just hoping that I didn't completely bomb.

As another person was thumbing through the stack, I noticed my name so I yanked it out, held the test to my chest, and headed back to my seat. I took a deep breath and looked down at the number on my test inked in red pen.


Pretty darned good, I must say. All of that exhausting studying definitely paid off. I'm very happy with that mark and I hope to do even better on the next test!

I feel very accomplished in being able to do well in school. My goodness...a couple of years ago I had a growth/tumor on my brain and couldn't even move my arms/walk/talk at a normal speed. Now I'm here, working 20 hours a week, gooing to school full time, and ace-ing tests. I definitely hope that nothing gets in my way of keeping this trend up!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Operation: Group Assignment

After much blood, sweat, and tears, myself and one of my group members, managed to complete the group assignment. I was determined to finish it before the weekend was over and that is what I did.

Both myself and Julie, the group member who contributed a lot, were understandably displeased with the amount of help we got where this assignment is concerned. We worked so hard to get the assignment to a point that we thought was good while others sent us only minimal information to be included in the project. I spent nearly the entire weekend just adding information, citing sources, typing, grammar checking, etc. I'm sure that my grammar and spelling may not be the best on this blog at times. but when I'm doing a project that needs to be handed in, I'm very particular about that kind of thing. My prof stated that he wouldn't be scrutinizing grammar very much, but I simply do not feel good about handing something in with my name on it that I do not feel is up to snuff.

I expressed my displeasure to one of my group members today about the lack of participation. I received minimal information where answering the actual question is concerned, no information in regards to citing, and no follow up to see if everything was ok, if I needed anything,etc. I really felt taken advantage of because it's clear to those around me that I aim for really high marks and always do the best I can. Their lack of work ended up being even more work for me. Imagine receiving a bunch of information with no sources...I had to google the information given to me in order to find the websites that they were plucked from. "Luckily" this group member didn't even try to express any of the thoughts in their own words, so I hardly had any problems finding the websites's just that it took a lot of time.

Another group member sent me information that was so jumbled and nonsensical that I didn't use one bit of it. It was a bunch of yammering about absolutely nothing. Not at all at a college level or even a high school level. What a shame. I can't understand how this person passed grade 12 english...unless of course this person made no effort to write things in real sentences as they thought that I would take it upon myself to decipher the information.

In the end, the assignment ended up being about 12 pages long, double spaced. I just hope that all of the effort I put into it pays off.

I looked on my course website yesterday and noticed that my business concepts professor put up the slides that we'll be using in class tomorrow. For the class agenda, he mentioned that we'll be taking up the test that we wrote last week. He also mentioned that the average mark in the class was 69% (out of 87 students who wrote the test)

11 people scored 90% or above
17 people scored 80% - 89%
22 people scored 70%-79%
13 people scored 60%-70%
6 people scored 50%-59%
18 people scored *gasp* under 50%

To be honest, I'm REALLY expecting to be in the group of 90% or above. I'll also be relatively content to be in the 80-89% range as well. I simply cannot imagine getting anything less than that. I can't believe 18 people totally flopped on the test. What a tragedy. I somehow imagine that after this test, my class will be a LOT emptier and lots of people will drop out. Hopefully the people who didn't pass will stick to is as we still have 2 other tests work 25%.

That's all for now. I think I'll go print out the group assignment then work on my excel homework for my computer class

Friday, February 6, 2009

Group Work!

I've never really been a fan of group work or group assignments. Don't get me wrong... I like people and I like working in groups, however I only like doing this if the other group members have some degree of seriousness in regards to the task at hand.

Last night, as I sat on the couch for hours undoing my braids, I sat irritated and slightly nervous at the fact that it was almost 11pm and I was yet to receive an email from any of my 4 group members with answers to questions due on Tuesday. I had asked that they all send their information to me by Thursday (yesterday) so that I'd have time to proofread everything and put it together before Tuesday.

This worried me. I've never worked with these people and therefore have no idea what their work ethic is. Did I just get stuck in a group where nobody plans on doing the work? Am I going to automatically lose out on 7.5% of my total final mark for this class because I can't manage to do EVERYTHING myself? And even if I did...would I lose marks for not being a "team player", even though I am??

By 12:30am, just before I put my head against the pillow after working on the assignment for about 45 minutes, I noticed that 1 of my group members sent me some information. Excellent information, in fact.

I had forgotten that one of my group members joined our group 1 week late, so I told her she could email her things to me today, which she did. Her information was also very well done as well so I was happy about that.

It's now down to 2 group members. The I eventually received information from 1 group member. I received the equivalent of 1 or 2 sentence answers to all 7 questions. The assignment is supposed to be a total of 10 pages long...1 or 2 sentences don't help!

The other girl, I just got off of the phone with her. Apparently she's at the library right now and is supposed to have the answers to the questions emailed to me about 6 minutes ago. I'll check my email right after I finish this.

Regardless, I'm not letting anyone jeopardize my mark, but it's just irritating to think that I'm in high school all over again...praying that my group members do their part.

My back still hurts...but it seems to be getting a lot better. Thank God for that. I've gotta dialyze tonight. First, I'm gonna make myself some pink lemonade. I deserve something yummy. And cold....because after this whole group fiasco I do feel really heated. God, get me to Tuesday.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Will one of those icy hot patches work?

I'm at school on my netbook. (don't mind any spelling mistakes...remember, the keyboard is tiny!) It's currently 12:44 and I'm waiting until 1pm to go to the test centre to do my computer based powerpoint test for my business computer apps class. I went over all of the concepts yesterday and I expect to either get a perfect mark or something really close to it. I have to get as many marks as possible as the next unit will be on microsoft excel. I'm not the strongest in that.

I just got to school from work. I decided to work some OT so I can bank my overtime hours and use them for a urology appointment I have at the beginning of March. I hope this appointment actually has some opposed to me venturing all the way downtown only to be asked what medication I'm on and to be reiterated to that I'm years away from a kidney.

I left work after 1.5 hours and headed here, to school. When I stepped out of the subway station, I was reminded of the Shopper's Drug Mart right across the street. I figured I'd go there and pick up a few of those icy hot patch things. We'll see how it works or if it does anything at all for my poor back.

I''m fighting the inevidable here. I should see my doctor about this.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

There's nothing better then...

...going to school on test day, getting the test, and thinking the test is easy!

Well, I won't say EASYY, but I did study very hard. I studied lots. There were a couple of things here and there that I missed, but that is to be expected. Today was my business concept's test. The test was out of 110 marks. There were some multiple choice, some short answer questions, and two long answer questions.

I'm hoping that I did as well as I think and HOPE I did, but I thankfully studied all of the right things and therefore don't think I have much to worry about. We'll see next week just how I did.

I feel like a weight is lifted off of my shoulders. Now, it's onward to the 3 assignments (1 individual, 2 group) that I have due...all at some point this month. I'll get working on the Business Concepts assignment.

Just before I dart off, I mention my aching back! Did I mention this??

I was changing my carbon filter...I was unscrewing the holder of the carbon filter and pretty much twisted my back. I hurt my back in the same exact spot a few days earlier when I was trying to pick up that same damned contraption for unscrewing the carbon filter holder as it fell behind the trolly holding my R.O. Anything having to do with that carbon filter is cursed.
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