Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Test, Transonic, Team Work, Terrible Weather...

Monday was the wonderful HR test that I spoke about. The test went pretty well. The tesst consisted of 40 multiple choice questions. There were a few trick questions in there though. You know, the "E - All of the above" ones? Oooh, that "choice E" is oh so tantalizing and oh so seductive...but you musn't fall for "choice E" all the time. She's a venus fly trap!

I finally got around to doing that transonic I spoke about a few entries back. I may or may not have mentioned it, but I did end up cancelling my appointment for the previous transonic. I was feeling rather crummy that morning and opted to stay home in bed. A good choice.

The transonic went perfectly well. Everything was just peachy keen so I thankfully have nothing to worry about where my fistula is concerned. I took that visit to the hospital as an opportunity to load up on supplies. I picked up a couple of sharps containers and a couple of boxes of IV 3000. I also picked up a fresh aranesp prescription from the pharmacy.

After that, I headed out into the terribly cold weather to go to school. Tuesday is Business Concepts class. It's a loooong class: 4 hours long. We received our group assignments today. We have to answer a series of questions concerning Air Canada's recent lay offs of workers. It's due on the 10th of February. I also have 1 group assignment and one individual assignment for HR class. Man, I hope I can get through this!!

As for today? 15 centimetres of snow. My most important purchase as of late? My Sorel Boots. Couldn't have made a better choice, I tell ya.

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