Friday, January 30, 2009

Thank Goodness it's Friday

The end of the week is finally here. Not that it's not like I have a real weekend. Afterall, I spend 8 hours at work on Saturday...

I'm here steadily studying away for my Business Concepts class. I have 2 chapters under my belt...only 3 more to go by Tuesday. Haha. Well, it's not at bad as it sounds. It's just a matter studying the terms. Many of the terms are terms that we've all heard of and probably used in conversation. Most people know what a monopoly is, but if asked to define it on paper, what would you write?

Well, it's a company with no competition. It's nearly impossible for competitors to enter into that industry as it is regulated by the government. The monopolistic company has considerable power over prices because, well, nobody else is offering what they offer.

Yup...let's ace this test.

I had a dialysis fiasco last night. I've mentioned the fact that I was getting no water alarms when I was disinfecting and what not. Well, those problems caught up with me last night. I turned on my dialysis machine and I kept getting no water alarms. I couldn't even get past the initial rinsing phase as it appeared that the machine would keep resetting the rinsing time after every no water alarm. After 15 minutes of what should only be 5 minutes and 30 seconds of rinsing, I knew I had a problem.

I did everything I possibly could to aleviate this problem. I changed my foreclean and carbon filter. Nothing worked. I called the tech and arranged to have them check things out today. Boo hoo...I had to strip all of those wonderful clean lines from the machine and toss 'em.

When the tech got to my house today, he noticed that the problem was likely due to the fact that I wasn't using the citric acid to clean my RO enough. It's supposed to be every 2 weeks but for some reason I was under the impression that it was every 2 months?? My bad!

The tech made short work of my problem and I was pleased. Now I can dialyze tonight and not worry about several alarms when I'm disinfecting. Let this be a lesson to all of you dialysers! Pay attention to your documentation and don't make the same stupid mistake that I did.

I also got my delivery of acid and bicart powder today.

Ok, so, study for Business Concepts test on Tuesday, Study for Business Computer Applications test on Thursday, work on Business Concepts assignment due on February 10th, work on Human Resources individual project due in the 3rd week on February, work on the Human Resources group project due God knows when???


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Test, Transonic, Team Work, Terrible Weather...

Monday was the wonderful HR test that I spoke about. The test went pretty well. The tesst consisted of 40 multiple choice questions. There were a few trick questions in there though. You know, the "E - All of the above" ones? Oooh, that "choice E" is oh so tantalizing and oh so seductive...but you musn't fall for "choice E" all the time. She's a venus fly trap!

I finally got around to doing that transonic I spoke about a few entries back. I may or may not have mentioned it, but I did end up cancelling my appointment for the previous transonic. I was feeling rather crummy that morning and opted to stay home in bed. A good choice.

The transonic went perfectly well. Everything was just peachy keen so I thankfully have nothing to worry about where my fistula is concerned. I took that visit to the hospital as an opportunity to load up on supplies. I picked up a couple of sharps containers and a couple of boxes of IV 3000. I also picked up a fresh aranesp prescription from the pharmacy.

After that, I headed out into the terribly cold weather to go to school. Tuesday is Business Concepts class. It's a loooong class: 4 hours long. We received our group assignments today. We have to answer a series of questions concerning Air Canada's recent lay offs of workers. It's due on the 10th of February. I also have 1 group assignment and one individual assignment for HR class. Man, I hope I can get through this!!

As for today? 15 centimetres of snow. My most important purchase as of late? My Sorel Boots. Couldn't have made a better choice, I tell ya.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Week in Review

I feel like I'm always apologizing for my lack of posts. You'll have to understand that I'm a full time student who is employed part time. Oh, and let's not forget that minor detail that is dialysis. I have to deal with that too. I have to maneuveur my doctor's appointments around class and such. The last thing I want to do is miss class. If it can at all be avoided, I don't want to miss class...not for a doctor's appointment, not because I'm sick...not for anything! :)

I have a test in my Human Resources class on Monday. It's actually my first real test of the year so I'm pretty psyched about that. I spent the better part of my day off yesterday studying for it. I feel pretty comfortable with the material and I'll continue to study a bit tonight. I also have to fill up my bicart cartridges tonight, so I'll get right on that after I finish this entry.

Tuesday is business concepts class. Imagine a 3 hour lecture, followed immediately by a 1 hour tutorial. Yes, imagine listening to someone discussing oppourtunity costs, oligopolies, and business acumen for 4 hours. Hmm, mighty stimulating indeed.

Last week, we had to arrange ourselves into groups of 4-6. I've always disliked this. It's not that I don't like working with people because I do. But, not to sound cocky, but my work ethic and commitment to what I'm doing is not easily matched by others. Some are content with just "getting by" or "just passing", while I strive to be the best. I strive to be the best in spite of the fact that I have to deal with a bunch of other crap. I never want nor will I accept the "sympathy" mark.

So, a group of four almost found me. One of my group members expressed his interest in being in a group with me. He said that he observed me in HR class the day before and liked the fact that I answered questions well, had good ideas, and had good concepts. I'm hoping that means that he is the same way? Another girl who is also in my HR class is in my group. She also seems to have good work ethic. She told me that she wants to be on the "Dean's list". Such aspirations are very encouraging, as someone aiming for the Dean's list has to be a hard worker. Now, there was one more person in my group who I didn't know. The girl aiming for the Dean's list confessed to me that she really didn't want that girl in our group. She said that she could tell that this girl didn't have a good work ethic.

This became apparent to me very quickly. When this girl came to move her stuff to our table, she was very cluttered and unorganized. In fact, as she made her way to her seat beside me, she clocked me in the back of the head with her laptop case and didn't even notice. At this point I was on the phone with my college's customer service. My wifi internet connection wasn't working on my netbook. I later found out that it was a school wide problem but I didn't know that at the time. I was chatting away with customer service when I was transferred to the library as they seem to know more about this stuff. I was on hold. At that point, one of the other students in the class who I chatted with briefly the week before came to me to ask me if I was able to connect. When I told him that I wasn't, he said he wasn't either. Then, the girl newly seated beside me said she couldn't either.

Luckily, I downloaded the powerpoint slides for this class to my computer the night before. As the library picked up, I began to explain my problem. Just then, the girl beside me asked me if I had the power point slides. I nodded. She began to waive her usb drive in my face, asking if I could save the slides to her usb drive. I waived my hand and pointed at my cell phone which was pressed against my ear.

Almost like she didn't notice, she again began to waive that stupid usb drive in my face. "CAN YOU HELP ME SAVE THE SLIDES TO MY USB DRI....."

"I'M ON THE PHONE!!" I said, more annoyed than ever.

"Oh..sorry" she replied.

"What?" said the lady from the library who I was talking to on my cell phone. I then went on to apologize and explain that someone was talking to me in the background.

Ultimately, the librarian told me to go to the library to have my computer looked at. I couldn't. I was in class. Besides, everyone else's computer wasn't working so it was probably just an outage.

We then got an in-class assignment. I read the question out to my group members so we could figure out the answer. Both Ms. Dean's List and the guy in my group contributed. "Umm, what do you think we should write?" said Ms. Usb drive. What a typical thing to say. Typical as in, she has no idea what the answer might be so she just said that in order to get everyone else talking. I later noticed that she had marketing homework open on her laptop and was working on it. Hmm...funny...this is business class, not marketing class...

Well, the truth is that I'm definitely not getting a bad mark for her, nor am I going to carry her, so if I find myself having to do her work, I have no problems tossing her out of the group. I hope it doesn't get to that.

Sheesh, this is like the young and the restless. More to follow in the coming days...

"...Flo's test is on Monday! How will she do? Is she prepared??

Flo's not-so-commited group member "usb drive" hasn't a clue! Does the rest of the group band together and kick her out? Does Ms. Usb drive clean up her act and surprise the whole lot of them??

Stay tuned to flowonlupus. Developments will be posted as available!"


Sunday, January 18, 2009

So Glad I have Sundays off

I woke up to the sound of my machine beeping today.

Concentrate error.

I looked at the timer to see how much time I had left before I was done. 4 minutes.

I silenced the alarm and shook my bicart container a bit. The alarm went away, so I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling. No point in closing my eyes again as it will be time to open them again in just a few moments.

After a few minutes, I disconnected myself. I put my machine through the two different disinfection processes and that was that. I was still tired. I went back to bed and turned on the tv and decided to relax a bit.

After about 10 minutes of relaxing, I felt like I should be doing something. I grabbed my textbook off of the ground beside me. Human Resources Management in Canada, 10th edition. I read through chapter 1 and tried to familiarize myself with some of the terms. I have class tomorrow (Monday), and according to the posted course outline, I'll have a test on Chapters 1 and 2 next week. I had better become well aquainted with the terms.

I ate breakfast, and before I knew it, it was time to get up and get ready for church. I wasn't shocked by what I saw outside. Snow, snow, and more snow. I think we got 15 centimeters last night. When we all got to church, not surprisingly, there weren't very many people there. I'm sure many were snowed in, others unable to drive their cars up that hill to get to church.

When we got home, I felt tired. It was about 12:15pm. I knew that later on in the day, we'd be going to a viewing. One of my dad's best friend's on the job had lost his mother, and we were going to go and pay our respects. I decided to take a nap, so I changed out of my church clothes and into my pyjamas.

"What do you want to eat for lunch??" I was woken up by those words coming from my mother's mouth. I looked at the vcr on top of my television. 2:27pm. Wow, that was quite the nap, wasn't it.

I did some overtime at work on Friday, so that may have thrown my body off a bit. I missed out on some well deserved sleep or "do nothing time". My wallet will thank me though...but I think for the next little while I might choose sleep over a couple extra dollars.

I feel much better after those 2 hours. It almost feels like it was all I needed. I'm glad that I have Sundays off so I can catch up on Z's on Sunday afternoons.

Back to the grind tomorrow though. Better read chapter 2 now

Thursday, January 15, 2009

So Far, So good!

I've done a full week of school and it is going well thus far. I know I haven't posted in a week but as you might imagine I've been busy with both school and work.

So far I seem to be coping well. My backpack feels heavy at times, but I'm beginning to become familiar with the classes that I should bother bringing my heavy textbook to and the classes that I don't need to.

Math class is still a joke. Bless my professor's heart, but the students in the class...well, to put it simply, take advantage of her. Like I mentioned in my previous post, it's like high school all over again...but even worse. These clowns in the back just keep talking and talking and simply won't shut up. It's so disruptive and annoying. The professor keeps saying things like "if you don't want to be here then you can leave" or "stop talking" or "I've told you many times to be quiet". It's at a point where I strongly believe the prof needs to start throwing these jerks out of the classroom altogether. You would think that these kids would consider the fact that they're paying big bucks to go to school (or perhaps their parents...or perhaps some sort of student loan) and there really isn't any point in flushing money down the drain by not listening.

I can understand that some people may know this stuff already...that's ok. If I came to class and we were doing something that I was 100% comfortable with...then I'd just leave. The prof even said that we're completely open to doo that if we wish. It would be nice if some of these jerks would exercise that right instead of chatting away for the whole 3 hours. What could they possibly talk that much about??

ANYHOW, dialysis has been going pretty well too. But my machine is screwy. I think there might be a problem with the water pressure because I keep getting "no water" alarms when I am in the last 4 minutes or so of disinfection. I should get it checked out by the techs soon.

Well, I'm pretty tired and I'm working tomorrow from 9-2, so I had better just chill out, maybe read a few chapters, then set up my machine and off to bed.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

There always has to be a trouble maker in class

Today was clinic appointment day at the hospital. I headed downtown by bus and subway with my million pound backpack. I forgot how heavy textbooks are. I also admit that I'm pretty spoiled. For the most father drives/takes me everywhere. My dad is away until next week, so I'll have to be a "big girl" and find my own way around town. But I tell you, it definitely was not easy.

Thankfully, clinic went well. The only thing that had changed was my hemoglobin which had dropped quite a bit as I previously mentioned. Hopefully everything will normalize by the time I do my next monthly blood work. I also have to head to home hemo tomorrow to do a transonic as I haven't done one of those for a while.

Before leaving, I took the time to go to my old dialysis unit to say hello to the nurses and hemo assistants. Everyone was very nice and just as happy to see me as I was to see them. I'll happy as I may have been to see them, I certainly don't miss getting up at 6am every other day to head downtown to do dialysis. I don't miss feeling ill an hour or so after dialysis starts. I don't miss feeling fatigued out of my mind by the time dialysis is done that all I want to do is collapse in my bed. I don't miss hemoglobins no higher than 80.

After that, I grabbed some sushi from the sushi place at the hospital, scarfed it down, then headed back to the subway so that I could go to school.

I got school and prompty headed to class. Today was my first math class. I'm so excited to start school, but I can't even begin to explain how not-excited I was to go to math class. Let's just say math isn't my subject. At all.

Before doing anything, I handed my prof my disability letter/package that I am to give to all of my profs. She nodded, accepted the package, and smiled at me. I sat beside a nice girl named Taccara who is my age. As I expected, many of the others in the class were younger. I opted to sit at the very front of the class so I could see and hear everything. My prof seems pretty cool so far and the math isn't hard (yet...). I was elated to hear that she would bring questions to every class, therefore I will not have to drag this terribly heavy textbook around anymore. In fact, I might just return it. The prof said that any exams/tests we do will be based on the questions she provides us in the hand outs and not directly from the textbook. She suggests we get the textbook to do "practice questions", just in case. Wait...maybe I SHOULDN'T return that book.

At the back of the class were the usual class clowns. They chatted and laughed and made noise throughout the class. The prof told them on several occasions that if they did not want to be there they could leave. It reminds me of my late high school/early post-secondary days. You can always expect some class clown in the class that simply won't shut it. I was equally annoyed then as I was today. I hope that they're not too disruptive anymore. If so, I hope the prof throws them out for real.

I collected Tacarra's email address at the end of class. It's always nice to be on a "buddy" system, just in case one of us needs to miss class...something that might just happen to me.

After class, I met another student who had already taken a computer class that I am taking this semester. She sold me her textbook and the cd required for that course at a discounted price. Anything to save money...the books for this semester alone cost over $500.

That's all for now. I'm gonna get some rest so I can wake up early and head to home hemo tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've been orientation-ed

Today was orientation day for school. On any other day, considering the atmosphere of this orientation, I'd have met tons of new people. Unfortunately, a lack of voice is not the best thing when you're trying to meet new people. Also, these people have no idea what or why I have no voice. Some contagious virus or bacterial infection, perhaps? I didn't want to make anyone feel awkward.

The day started off with me heading to the lab to drop off some blood work.

After that, I headed downtown to school. It was so cold outside and I didn't take my scarf. I know that a scarf weighs nothing, but I didn't want to carry anything extra...knowing that I'd be carrying 10 kilos of books home on the bus and subway.

The bus took forever. It essentially would have only been a 10 minute walk, but I wasn't feeling that great and haven't been for a couple of days, so I just waited.

When I got to the school, I signed in and headed to the auditorium for the official "welcome". The profs and program coordinators and such where all there. They wore black robes with orange collar things. They all looked oh so refined :)

After that, we branched out into our individual programs. The people currently in the auditorium consisted of people in the financial program, design program, HR post diploma program, etc. When we branched off, there were only about 12 or so people in the room for my program (human resources). Susan and Anna, the two profs, discussed program specific things. They mentioned that students are able to go to school through the entire summer if they pleased, so I can potentially finish school in 3 years instead of 2. I think I will go to school through the summer. I won't necessarily go for the purpose of finishing in 2 years instead of 3, but perhaps just to lighten my course load so that I'm taking maybe 4 courses in a semester instead of cramming 6 into a semester.

After that, they offered brown baged lunch. I had little interest in the lunch and more interest in picking up my books and my student card.

I picked up my books first. Thank goodness I ordered them online and then picked them up. When I went to the bookstore, the line up was disgustingly long. Thankfully, because I purchased my books for pickup online, I was able to go to another room to get my books and it took less than 2 minutes. They didn't have one of my books so I'll pick that up at another time. I'm also corresponding with my friend who took a course that I am about to take as I may possibly buy her textbook.

One of my books weren't in stock but they said they were getting more and would contact me when they got them in. Thank God they didn't have that extra book...I nearly broke my back trying to carry these books!

Now, next to the 40 minute student card picture taking line. Argh. The room was so damned warm since there were tons of people crammed into that room. I felt like I was going to pass out. I met some nice people in line. One of them gave me his email address which is currently in my backpack downstairs. Wayy to heavy to bring upstairs as I was exhausted by the time I got home. And yes, as per normal student picture/id card protocol, my student id picture is just hideous. LoL

When I got home, I fell into bed and relaxed. Not even 10 minutes had passed when Rose called me from dialysis. She said my hemoglobin had dropped to 98 or something like that. I clotted my circuit on Sunday night. I also clotted several circuits when I was not using heparin due to my teeth being pulled. And, it was discovered that my hemoglobin went up when I started dialyzing 8 hours...perhaps my body was missing those 40 hours and therefore my hemoglobin went down. We'll see what happens next time...hopefully it goes back up.

Now, I'm tired. I just spoke to my boss who called in to check on me since I called in sick for tomorrow. Awww. :) My voice is coming back slowly but surely, so I hope it's back for Saturday!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Worst Buy?"

My voice = completely gonzo. I woke up this morning and had even less of a voice than I had yesterday. What's happening here??

This morning, as per my sister's advice last night, I went to the walk in clinic at the local shoppers drug mart. The clinic opens at 10am on a Sunday. I got there at 9:40am and was 3rd in line. I was lucky I got there when I did because shortly after I got there, tons and tons of people started trickling in to the tune of about 9 other people, not including the multiple children that many of them had.

The whole process was pretty fast. I walked out of the clinic with my prescription at 20 after 10, which I think is pretty fast considering the fact that there were 2 people in front of me. I told the extremely nice doctor that I couldn't talk. "Why are we whispering?" he whispered jokingly. He went on to ask me if I was an Opera singer, since that would be a profession where one's voice is crucial. I told him that I wasn't, but I was an auctioneer. We all had a good chuckle. Well, he did. I had a chuckle that sounded more like wheezing. He checked my temperature, asked me if I was allergic to anything, then gave me a prescription for some antibiotics. I need to take 3 a day for 7 days. I hope they work and I get my voice back soon...I gotta go to work! I can speak a tiny bit tonight... I'm hoping I'll be able to speak at least a little bit in the morning.

After that, Mom and I went to church, then to an electronics store to return some merchandise. If you read the title of my entry, I'm sure you can guess the name of the electronics store.

I bought Norton anti-virus software. My sister told me that she could download it for free from out internet. So, I returned that. Since I bought a netbook, I wanted to buy an external cd/dvd drive so that I could install software onto it that required me to do so with a cd. When I removed it from the package, it didn't work at all. It didnt even turn on. Am I doing something wrong? I gave it to my sister. It didn't work for her either. Upon investigation, my sister saw obvious signs of scratches on the drive. Was this a defective item that someone else returned and as mistakenly given to me or something?

After standing in the returns line for about 30 minutes, it was finally my turn. I explained to the lady that the dvd drive did not work and I would like to replace it. It was on sale for $49.99. The clerk explained to me that there were 2 "open box" drives on the shelf. "Open Box" means someone else bought it then returned it for whatever reason. That being said, I agreed to buy an open boxed item, but only if the item was tested right then and there in the store. The clerk said that she couldn't do that there as they did not have computers in the returns area for that purpose, however I could go back to the computer's section and have them test it for me. She encouraged me to do so, as buying an open box item would save me an extra $5 dollars or more. I agreed. She refunded the entire amount to my credit card and off I went to the computer section.

When I finally found someone to help me, we went to the external drives section. Surprise surprise, there were no more of the particular external dvd drive I was looking for. The clerk said "well, buy this one". And he pointed at one that cost about $30 more. I asked him if he was going to sell me that drive for $49.99 and he said no... Ok fine, may I have a rain check? He refused. He said that this was a boxing day sale and there were no rain checks. Are you kidding me? Do you think I'd be here asking for this if I wasn't sold defective and possibly used merchandise? Mind you, I'm whispering VERY LOUDLY, as loudly as I could with my non-voice. I told him that I wanted a rain check. This was not my fault and I deserved to have the item at the price I paid for it when it was on sale. He told me that I actually "shouldn't have returned the defective item". I should have kept it until more stock of the external drive is received, then I could do an exchange. First of all, the refund clerk told me there was product on the shelf now. Secondly...WHAT? What did he mean "Well, I shouldn't have returned the defective item". Who does that? Who DOESN'T return something that is broken?

I asked him what he was suggesting. He told me to go back to the now 1 hour line, re-purchase the defective item for purchase price, then come back to the store and do an exchange because I have 30 days. I was dumbfounded. You want me to go and knowingly BUY a BROKEN piece of merchandise because your lame policy won't allow you to give me a raincheck to purchase an item that I would not have been there to return had it worked properly in the first place? Give me a break! I politely told the clerk that I speak to someone else as I had no intentions of standing in an obscenely long line to purchase defective merchandise. It didn't matter. He was already in the process of walking towards other customers who appeared to need help. How rude.

I waited beside another clerk who was already helping someone else who was buying a computer. I waited for about 20 minutes until I decided that this could take a while. I saw another clerk staring into space so I decided to talk to him. Mid sentence, he rushed over to the external drive section. I ran after him as he walked really fast. When he got there, he said "Oh, I don't see that drive". I told him that I knew it wasn't on the shelf. I explained the full story and also what the other clerk said. He agreed wholeheartedly...with the other clerk. Geez! I'm in a coo-coo-clock!

"I need a manager" I whispered. He began to motion back towards the refund desk which is also where the managers were. I walked away while he was in mid-sentence as I had nothing further to hear out of his mouth.

I waited another 10 minutes for a manager. One manager looked at me and began to walk past me when I yell/whispered at him. Am I invisible?

I told him the story. When I got to the part where I was told to buy back the defective merchandise, the manager said "Why?" as in, why would I buy back the merchandise if it was broken. I said "I know! This is crazy!" He told me to just come back with my receipt when the item was in stock and I could buy it at the same price.

That's it? I asked him to write something down. He said there was no need, just tell the clerk that said it was ok. I was skeptical but also tired of being in that store.

I jotted down on my receipt and left the store. Geez, what a waste of over a hour. I can't believe the customer service. I pay close attention to customer service since I work in the field. That was just a...well, strange experience to put it very VERY lightly.

Not impressed. Not in the least.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Where oh where did my voice go, oh where, oh where can it beeee?

Yup, I'm voiceless.

It's the strangest thing. I went to work this morning, and as far as I know I was perfectly fine. My voice was fine, I felt fine...everything was fine. I got to work and after a couple of hours my voice was starting to escape me. By lunch time, my voice was almost completely gone! I have no idea what or why this is happening.

I went out for dinner with the girls last night and I was fine then. I know that sometimes if you catch some sort of a bug it can take a few days for it to surface...perhaps that's what is happening.

I'm very paranoid right now. Many of my past extreme "episodes" started off as something simple, such as a headache, a stomach ache, etc. One of my more serious episodes occured just a few days before school was going to start for me at York University. Now, I'm onto college and am about to start next week. voice is gone. I'm just hoping and praying that this isn't something serious and some TLC on the vocal chords will suffice. If not...then I'll have to go to the doctor and hope they won't tell me I have some serious throat disease or some crap!

Other than that, today was a great day at work. I work in a large area and don't often get to see a lot of my coworkers. I sat in a different area than where I usually sit. This allowed me to not only reconnect with some co-workers I haven't had the pleasure of chatting with for a while, but it also allowed me to meet some new and very nice co-workers too. Ahh...I love my job! :)

I received my dell netbook in the mail on Friday. I know I began to worry as the day wore on and it hadn't arrived yet, but it arrived just before 3pm. I turned it on for a few minutes in an attempt to set up the internet, but was unsuccessful. I didn't mess with it for a long time because I wasn't feeling the greatest. I had a headache AND a stomach ache. I'm happy that both went away before it was time to go out with the ladies that night.

Well, I'm going to break out the new netbook and try and get the wireless up and running. Wish me luck!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It's a new year and I'm very much looking forward to the new and exciting things to come this year. I look forward to continued (and even improved) good health. I did pretty well in 2008 and didn't have too many hiccups where my health is concerned. I hope to continue that trend.

School starts in but a few days! I look forward to starting this new chapter in my life...I look even more forward to FINISHING that chapter in my life hehe. Granted, if I had a magic wand and could waive it and be finished with school...I wouldn't. I think it's an important experience to go through...and I have always been someone who wishes to work for what they get as opposed to just "getting" or just "having". But I cannot wait for it to be done so that I'll be well on my way to a meaningful career for me.

For New Years, I went to my friend Sarah's house. Myself, Sarah, Carolyn, Linda, and Chris (Linda's boyfriend) all shared a quiet evening of chatting and watching the countdown on City Tv. Before I left home to get to Sarah's house, I took a gravol because I had a bit of a stomach ache. I know that gravol makes most people drowsy but it has never affected me in that way. Well go figure...this time it did. I had to go to Sarah's room and take a nap. Sarah woke me up at 11:45pm so that I wouldn't miss the countdown. Haha.

I'm sitting in my living room right now waiting for delivery of my brand new netbook. It's a tiny little computer with an 8.9 inch screen that I'll take to school with me to take notes! I can't wait to get it. As per my tracking number online, it's on the purolator truck for delivery. My netbook case from Dell came separate from the actual computer, and delivery for my netbook was delayed by one day. I'm hoping the same doesn't happen for my computer, because if it does then I have to travel to some far away place to pick it up. It's not accessible by bus, nor is it even close by's about 20 minutes or so. Plus...I don't know how big this box is gonna be. I don't want to have to go there, pick up my package, and haul it down a flight of stairs into a car that it won't even fit into. Oh well, we'll hope for the best.

My stomach hurts today for some reason. It's been hurting since last night. I'm supposed to go out to dinner with the girls today. I hope the aching subsides by then! If not for the fact that I'm sitting here waiting for delivery of my netbook...I'd have gone to my bed and gone to sleep.
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