Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Appt With Dr. Thomas

Today was secret Santa day at work. I brought in my gift for my co-worker as well as the cookies I made. My co-worker wasn't working that day so I left the gift in my desk so I can give it to her later. We also shared a team Christmas lunch. We had chicken, rice, potatoes, and salad. It was all very delicious.

After lunch is when most people started sampling my cookies. They were a big hit! I'm glad everyone liked them and the effort I put into them. One person even asked if I could make her cookies or cupcakes for a cost! :)

The present that I got from my secret santa was a pair of gloves, a lip balm, and a travel mug. The maximum amount to be spent on the gift was $15. I could tell that all 3 of the gifts were from the same place which was a dollar store. I knew this because one of the gifts still had a tag on it while the other had a partial tag. I got a $3 gift? I spent $20 on the gift I gave. I like to give things that I'd like to receive. $3??? Well, I guess it's the thought that counts...?

After work, I headed downtown to see my gynecologist. The last time I saw her, she mentioned thay my hormone levels were low and she wanted to put me on some estrogen and progesterone. First, she wanted to do a blood test to see how my clotting was as I had a clotting problem in my stomach a few years back. Those tests came back normal. So, she gave me prescriptions for progesterone and estrogen. The fact that my hormone levels are out of wack can cause a lot of things. It can contribute to my weak bones. It definitely contributes to my lack of mensies. I'm sure it's what causes me to still sweat even though I wear anti perspirant. I'll get the prescription tomorrow and see how those symptoms change. I was also told that if I had any weird side effects such as pain in my legs I should stop the medications and contact her back.

Yay, more drugs to cause more side effects!

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