Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fix One thing, ruin the other

I'm referring to this ski boot that I've been toting around on my right leg for the past 2 months. The fact that the bottom part of my leg was so restricted put extra stress on my already avascular necrose'd knee. My knee's been hurting me since probably 5 or 6 weeks into wearing the cast, on and off.

Whenever I walk around, I can feel that pain in my knee. Well, I shouldn't say whenever I walk around, but sometimes. It's annoying. Simply giving it a rub when I was still wearing the cast seemed to suffice, but I think we're past the rubbing stage. Perhaps I need to start making those treks back to my massage therapist/physiotherapist.

My fistula arm hurts as well. It's sore. I guess being sore is to be expected since I'm shoving needles into my arm at least 5 times a week...but it's still sore. I feel a billion times better being on nocturnal dialysis as my hemoglobin has gone up, I feel more energetic, I feel more motivated...I feel more everything. arm hurts.

If I REALLY wanted to be a big whiner today, I could use this paragraph to complain about how prednisone fixes one thing but ruins the other(s).

Nah. I'm hungry, and if I start doing that I'll be here forever.

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