Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sodium Polystyrene sulfonate oral suspension

Yes, a mouthful, I know!

My Dad went to the hospital today to pick up a travel letter for me, as well as some IV 3000 dressing to hold my button hole needles in place while I sleep.

While there Rose also gave him 3 bottles that look like pill containers. When I shook one of the bottles, there was actually a liquid inside.

My father went on to tell me that Rose had given those to him for me to take on my travels. Almost a "dialysis in a bottle" if you will. Now, by NO MEANS is this a dialysis replacement, so don't decide to skip dialysis altogether and start downing these no no. But since I'm travelling, I obviously won't be dialyzing as often or for as long as I would be while at home.

The purpose of the drug is actually to treat increased amounts of potassium in the body. It's described as a potassium binding resin. I'm not sure that I'll actually need it as I've done in-centre, 3 times weekly dialysis for years. On the flip side, my body is probably used to getting its near daily dose of dialysis and may start to go nuts since I'll be missing a couple days. I'll take these bottles with me and I'll play it by ear.

Rose told my Dad that she'll often give these bottles to hemo patients who are travelling. I had actually never heard of this up until now. Quite interesting.

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