Sunday, June 29, 2008

Obagi Clenziderm-Normal to Oily Skin - Day 31

I haven't updated my Obagi Clenziderm pics for a while, so here I go.

(Left Pic = Day 15, Right Pic = Day 31)

I'm pretty pleased with the results so far. While I still have scarring from previous acne, I'm either going to have to just wait for my skin to hopefully heal and rid itself of those scars, or I'm going to have to invest in some sort of microdermabrasion procedure. I'm not sure that I'm at the point where I want to subject my skin to the sandpapering that is microdermabrasion, but that may certainly change. And, as usual, should I decide to do that, I will most certainly take pre and post microdermabrasion pics. Click here to see where I buy my obagi on ebay for a lot less than I've seen it elsewhere.

Since I no longer have a bunch of active acne on my face except for the rare one or two, when I put makeup on my face looks nice and smooth. I strongly believe that this is a combination of not only a skin care product that really seems to work for me, but also a wonderful makeup product as well. I'm so glad that I found Valana Minerals. At work, 2 different co-workers and my manager told me that my skin looked great and that I looked bright and refreshed! WOW! It's one thing to actually look at someone and think that, but if it's another thing entirely to actually vocalize it to that person. So that being said...who knows? Perhaps several other people at work look at me and think the same thing! :)

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Anonymous said...

hi! i was browsing about clenziderm and bumped to your blog. thanks for making a review about the product. i am thinking if i should purchase clenziderm and still figuring it out.
im sorry to hear about your illness. May God bless you.

im wondering which to choose normal to oily or normal to dry...

Miz Flow said...

Hi 'anonymous',

I'm glad that my blog has helped in you making your decision on whether or not you should try clenziderm. What I can say about clenziderm is that it really and truly has worked for me. I haven't felt comfortable going out without wearing makeup for a long time...and now I do. That being said, with smooth skin, my favourite makeup looks even better on my skin.

I bought the normal to oily clenziderm because, well, I have oily skin! It has really helped reduce the excess oil from my skin. It all depends on what your skin type is.

If you do choose to buy clenziderm, let me know. I'll let you know where I get mine (it's a supplier in the States) and it's considerably less expensive than I've seen it in other places!

Thank you for your kind words as well. It's been a long and hard road, but God has certainly been on my side the whole time! :-)

Stay blessed,
"Miz Flow", Florence

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