Thursday, June 5, 2008

Obagi Clenziderm-Normal to Oily Skin - Day 7

Firstly, I wanted to mention that I bought my obagi clenziderm on ebay for an amazing price. If you don't ebay and you want to buy this product, you might consider signing up for ebay! Click here for a link that will lead you to dozens of inexpensive obagi products.

It has been about 7 days since I've started using the Obagi clenziderm system. I am pretty happy with the results so far. Some breakouts that I had before beginning the system have disappeared, and others are beginning to fade.

Day 7

Day 1
Day 7

Day 1
Day 7

The actual look of my skin may be deceiving in that some of the before pics look better. But the actual texture of my skin...the way it feels and the way it looks in real life...there's a huge difference in my opinion. And's only been 7 days. The box for the product says most people experienced major improvement in as little as 2 weeks. I remain confident.

Also, I'm still using RX for brown skin in the morning. According to the obagi bottles, I can actually use the cleanser and the toner in the morning if I want, and then utilize the pore therapy only once a day. I choose to use the system only once a day...perhaps until the RX for brown skin runs out. I would like to give my skin a chance to get used to the product a bit.

Stay tuned for another Obagi Clenziderm post in a week! :)

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CatLvr42 said...

I love this product too. I'm not sure where you get it at, but the cheapest/fastest place I've found to get Obagi products is at They ship quickly and even handwrite a personalized thank you on my invoice. Also, they donate 10% of profits to animals in need so I feel like I'm helping animals while I'm taking care of myself too. Congrats on the good results though, your skin looks good!

Miz Flow said...

Thanks for the comments, catlvr42!

If you haven't seen them already, check out my pics after 31 days of use. I'm very happy with the results. How has using obagi impacted your skin?

Thanks again for the comments, and thanks for giving me that website!!


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