Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Florence - 2, Dialysis Supplies Delivery People - 0

I won the battle.

I can go to work tomorrow as I normally would, and my dialysis supplies will be delivered on Thursday. The hospital won't be getting charged any astronomical (and ludicious) fees, and nor will I. This is good news.

Now, the 3rd battle to be considered: due to the changing of my date for delivery of supplies, I'll need to receive another order on July 10 to merge onto that particular schedule. Ahh, just my luck. I have a dialysis clinic appointment at the hospital that day at 2pm. Now, the last time dialysis supplies attempted to be delivered to my house, the delivery people came to my house at about 11:30am. I'll have to see when the dialysis delivery people deliver my supplies this Thursday, as it might give me some insight as to when to expect my supplies on the 10th of July. Even if I do that...it will most certainly be the case that on the 10th of July they'll call and say they're going to deliver my supplies at 1:59pm. Bah!

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