Sunday, June 15, 2008

47th Annual Rose Parade in Welland!

Today, my father (happy father's day!), my mother, my sister and I all went to the 47th Annual Rose Parade in Welland. It was great fun. George Marcello also came along. George is the CEO of step by step organ donation awareness, and also SOS 4000. Our participation in the parade was along with step-by-step organ donation awareness.

It was a good day. The weather was great, the people of welland are super friendly and really nice. I sat in the passenger side of my father's police van. Several people in the crowd waived to us, and several told me that I'd be in their thoughts and in their prayers.

I look forward to participating next year, and also in assisting in not only raising awareness about organ donation, but also in changing how we think about organ donation.

Here are some pictures from the parade:

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