Friday, May 30, 2008

Thoughts on Mineral Makeup

In a previous post entitled "Taking some SKIN-itiative", I discussed various skin care regimes I planned to try. I discussed actual skin cleansing systems as well as makeup. Since then, I've talked about the different skin cleansers and systems I've used, but never really got into detail about makeup. As I mentioned in the skin-itiative post, I decided to utilize the now very popular sample kits offered by most mineral makeup companies on the internet.

I ordered quite a few samples from various companies, but only actual tried a few on my face. Some companies had colours that were called "dark" or "espresso" and things like that, yet when I got them and looked at them, even Gwenyth Paltrow would find it too light! There were others that I didn't feel too motivated to try because they came in a little plastic baggie and not in an actual container. I had a couple of problems with that. If I happened to tap some of the product out of the baggie and into another container...what if I tapped too much out? How would I get it back into the baggie? Also, I wouldn't really want to put it into a separate container as I'd have to clean the container out after applying each different colour as not to mix the colours up.

The two major brands that I tried were Everyday minerals and Valana minerals.

First, everyday minerals. There was much that I loved about everyday minerals. One of the things that I really liked was the fact that each foundation colour had a formula choice. When you find a colour that you like, you then select from 1 of 4 formula choices. Those choices include Semi-matte, matte, intensive, and original glo. This is a great thing, considering the fact that different people want different things in makeup, such as coverage for scars. Other people may want a makeup that helps control shine, while others just want light coverage for an even look.

Another definite positive was the samples. In my opinion, the definition of a sample is something that is free to try! Hehehe. In this case, the samples were actually free to try, and all you pay for is shipping. The samples come in little pots, which are great.

Once you get your samples and have decided on a colour, you can then select a size. You're not restricted to getting just one large can choose between small and large, which is great. And, let's not forget the overall price! A small container of the mineral makeup is just $5usd, while a large container is only $12usd. Most companies don't even sell their eye makeup for $12, nevermind a huge container of mineral makeup! I also appreciated the fact that their brushes were inexpensive, as well as the fact that they sell empty containers should you want to mix different colours together to achieve your perfect shade.

I tried and I tried as I really wanted to be able to find a colour that matches my skin exactly. When I tried the samples out, it was basically between two colours, one of which was much too light and the other too dark. I figured that perhaps if I mixed the two together, I'd get a perfect match. It didn't work. But this is a fantastic makeup line, and anyone who is looking into getting mineral makeup, I'd recommend it.

Now, to all those dark skinned women out there reading this blog, both you and I both know how annoying it is to put on makeup, then look in the mirror a short time later and see how horrid the foundation you put on makes your face look. You know, that "ashy" look? Well you could imagine my delight when I found out about Valana minerals: a mineral makeup line created by...*gasp* African American woman! This excited me as I knew that this brand of makeup couldn't possibly leave me looking all ashy and down-right strange.

So, I went on the Valana minerals website and bought my samples. With this line of makeup being geared towards woman of colour, including those with olive skin tones and also those of asian decent, I knew that this would probably be a good brand for me. I purchased all different colours, just in case what I saw on my screen isn't what I actually got. Sometimes it's hard to tell since different monitors have different colour display settings.

I was pretty glad that I purchased such a wide variety of colour. For whatever reason, I sometimes think I'm darker than I really am. If I only chose the colours that I thought would match my skin tone, I'd have ended up disappointed and with a bunch of samples that didn't match my skin. Much to my surprise (and delight) I found a colour that was my perfect match. That colour is called Gentle Amber. The colour is simply spot on where my skin tone is concerned. I often leave my house at 7:15-ish in the morning to head out to my daily destination. After taking gentle amber for a day test run, I was delighted to find that my makeup still looked pretty darned good when I came home in the evening. Gentle Amber is the makeup for me.

I received my first full sized container of Gentle Amber this past Wednesday and I'm quite pleased. While I think the price and quality of the products at everyday minerals are great, I just couldn't get it to match my skin colour. So, if you're a woman of colour and you have trouble finding makeup that matches your skin tone, why not give Valana minerals a try?

Oh, and also, both makeup lines make makeup that doesn't have bismuth, talc, or any of those othere icky products likely to irritate your skin/ cause your skin to break out (like I need anything to help me do that).

So, that's my review!

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